Sea Cadets carry out Community Service

Gosport Sea Cadets

That’s not ‘community service’ in the legal sense but as part of the Cadets’ training programme where Cadets are encouraged to go out into the community and help other people. On this occasion, Nicola Hepple, Assistant Manager at the Discovery Centre, had asked for the Cadets to help in moving the extensive stock of library books from the Discovery Centre, down three flights of stairs and across the road to the Community Centre where the new library will be located.

As arranged, 9 Cadets and 2 adults mustered at the Discovery Centre at 1030 on Saturday morning and were briefed by Nicola, the best part of which was where the Cadets were informed that, on completion of the task, the Cadets would be supplied with ‘tea and stickies’ in the best Naval tradition. The Discovery Centre staff also entered into the spirit of the event by dressing up as pirates.

Nicola briefing the Cadets

Nicola briefing the Cadets

Nicola then lead her team of enthusiastic Cadets away to begin the task and, in very short order, the books were flying off the shelves and were on their way to the Community Centre.

When the task was successfully completed to Nicola’s satisfaction she thanked the Cadets for all their effort and good humour and, true to her word, the promised ‘tea and stickies’ materialised, which all the Cadets agreed was the best part of the event.

The Cadets swing into action

The Cadets swing into action

The Cadets taking part were:-

Petty Officer Cadet Rich, Ordinary Cadet Killeen, OC Barry, OC Sherman, Cdt. Kitcherman, Cdt. A Frasle, Cdt. F Frasle, Cdt Sherman, Cdts. J and J King and Junior Cdt. First Class Hatch.

Gosport Sea Cadets meet every Tuesday and Friday evening at their headquarters in Berkley Hall, Royal Clarence Yard between 1900 and 2100. Young people aged 10 to 18 are taught life skills such as teamwork, leadership and socialising as well as practical skills such as sailing, power boating, expedition training and firefighting amongst many other things. E-mail or telephone 02392 580772 for further information.


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