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The “Benet” Archery Trophy

Surrey Army Cadet Force take up the bow

Surrey Army Cadet Force had their first Inter-Company Archery Final, held on the 29th June at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.  CSM Kit Donal and SSI Fiona Watson qualified as Archery Leaders in Sept 2012 and came up with the idea of running a weekend of Archery Tuition for each of Surrey’s ACF Companies.  On each of days after some coaching the cadets had their Inter-Detachment shoot which they participated in, the competition was fierce with only two places per day available.  The two top shots from each day made the final team of four who would go on to represent their Company in the Final in June.  From January through to May each Company put forward their cadets.

Cadets taking aim

Cadets taking aim

Each Company would be shooting for the “Benet” Archery Trophy, this was dedicated to Surrey Army Cadet Force’s Mobile Canine welfare unit AKA “Benet” who sadly passed away in November 2012, he belonged to Surrey ACF’s retired Padre Maj Nigel Nicholson.  Benet was never far from his side and attended many of Surrey Annual Camps.  He was a calming influence on many cadets who may have been missing home or finding Annual camp a little stressful.  He is greatly missed.

The Cadets from each Company fought hard for the trophy, this tested their skills and ability to the maximum as all their training had been carried out in the Indoor Range, for the final they were shooting outside and a further distance.

The parents/grandparents all enjoyed watching the cadets in action, and expressed that it was nice to be included in seeing what their young people get up to in the Cadet Force.

To present the trophies were:

Maj Nigel Nicholson – Benet Trophy

Commandant Surrey ACF Col Alan Mulder – Overall highest score, Top Barebow and Top Sighted Trophies

The winners: D Company with an impressive 1185 points

Runners up: E Company with 1178

3rd place: C Company with 1097

Overall highest score – C Company L/Cpl Szyszko with 589

Barebow top shot – C Company L/Cpl Szyszko with 344

Sighted bow top shot – D Company L/Cpl Stephenson with 249

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