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151 Regiment RLC, G Troop Reserves

Private Hari Gurung – 151 Regiment, G Troop


Hari came from an Army Background and had always planned to join the Army. Since joining, Hari feels that it has boosted his confidence and he has gained useful qualifications that will help him in his civilian role.

Hari Said:  “I have so many great memories from being involved with the Army but the best thing has been the adventure training.  I have made many new friend and had opportunities to travel both in the UK and abroad.”

RES Bio - Hari Gurung - 151 GTroop


Private Indra Rai – 151 Regiment , G Troop


Indra had previously served in the regular Army for 22 years prior to becoming a reserve. He missed the working environment when he left and felt lucky when he heard G Troop had formed in Aldershot.

Indra said:  “I trained as an infantryman but now have a completely different role in logistics. I am learning new skills and working with different people and the opportunities to take part in a variety of training exercises.”

RES Bio - Indra Rai, 151 GTroop


Captain Bhim Gurung – 151 Regiment, G Troop


Previously a regular soldier, Bhim wanted to continue to be involved with the reserves and was delighted to be able to become the commander of G Troop.

Bhim said:  “As a newly established troop, I have been working hard to recruit new members for the unit.  I really enjoy being involved with the Army and it enables me to continue to keep fit and meet new people.”

RES Bio - Capt Bhim Gurung 151 GTroop

4624 (County of Oxfordshire) Movements Squadron, RAF Brize Norton

SAC Steven Dodd

Steven always wanted to be in the RAF but enjoyed having a regular day job too so the Reserves was the best way to balance this.  He chose 4624 Movements Sqn specifically because of the nature of the movement’s role. No two days are the same and he can do the job for real every time he attends.  There are many opportunities to fly in RAF transport aircraft as a Mover and has met some brilliant people along the way.

Steven said, “I have gained confidence in myself which now translates into everything I do. I have also travelled to parts of the world and met some amazing people, which I wouldn’t have otherwise done. Probably one of the best experiences so far is travelling to Kenya for a week’s work and seeing the animals on safari there.


The best part is being part of something bigger with all these fantastic people from all walks of life. From the recruiters who bring you in, to the members of my flight and to our regular counterparts – an amazing mix of people with a massive range of experience.
I have never been unfit, but initially, this was a bit of a stumbling block for me. However, after being deployed to Cyprus for six months, I came back super fit from playing tennis and squash in my down-time and now I have no problem passing the fitness test (just don’t tell the PTIs that!)”

LAC Catherine Woods 

Catherine had met serving members of the armed forces and was impressed with their personal qualities, such as leadership, decision-making, and bringing out the best in others.  She also wanted to develop those characteristics and by joining the Reserves, it allowed her to do this while also progressing with her civilian career.

As well as being able to work closely with some very impressive aircraft, Catherine found there were many other opportunities available whilst serving in the Reserves.

LAC Woods 4624 Movements Sqn

Catherine said, “I’ve really enjoyed being part of a really diverse group of people from different backgrounds and different places within the UK. As well as my job with 4624 Sqn, I am on the Committee of one of the MOD’s employee networks, working with full-time personnel from all services and ranks, as well as MOD civilians. I really like contributing to making the armed forces a positive and inclusive environment for everyone, so we can all achieve the best for our service.”


LAC Rob Jennings 

Rob joined the Reserves after missing an opportunity to join as a Regular when he was younger. He wanted to experience military life and the opportunities that come with it and the RAF was his first choice.

Rob said  “In my short time with the RAF Reserves I have experienced some excellent training in both Phase 1 Basic Training and Phase 2 Movements training at RAF Halton and Brize Norton. The training has been to the same high standard for me as a reservist as it would have been for a regular. I have gained new friends who will remain friends for the rest of my RAF career and beyond and I feel like my contribution is valued. It has been a challenge combining family, full time work and being a reservist.

LAC Jennings photo

My employer has been supportive throughout, especially during the first 18 months when I needed a significant amount of time off from my role as a Police Officer to complete my training. My family are also supportive and have enjoyed attending passing out parades and visiting the Squadron on Families Day.”

3 PWRR Reserves

3PWRR – Recruit Ryan Bourke

Recruit Ryan Bourke

“Having been born and lived my entire life in Medway, while also having always had the aspiration to join the army, the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment allowed me to join the army reserve whilst also allowing me to serve in a local unit. Currently a recruit, I have experienced various different aspects of life in the army reserves from training on battalion weekends with other company’s to developing skills on parade nights. Both of which help to prepare me for the next phases of my training in which I am greatly looking forward to.

I am particularly looking forward to beginning  my phase Alpha training and further developing my skills as a soldier. Being a member of the army reserves has greatly improved my confidence, as a result of working within a team which has benefited me in both my private and social life while also giving me a great sense of pride from being apart of my local reserve unit.”


3 PWRR – Private Joe Craggs

Private Joe Craggs

“I joined the army Reserve PWRR regiment in the hopes of being able to travel to different parts of the world and have an array of different experiences. Enabling me to be prepared for life ahead. I currently work as a kitchen assistant, living in Chatham and I look forward to my ongoing military career.”