7 Rifles Waterloo Band & Bugles of the Rifles

Musician Emma Thompson – 7 Rifles Waterloo Band & Bugles of the Rifles

Emma Thompson is a keen musician and has enjoyed all the opportunities being involved with 7 Rifles has given her.

Res Bio - Emma Thompson - 7 Rifles Waterloo Band

Emma said:  “It has been a challenge to play in different environments but I have had so many experiences I wouldn’t have got anywhere else.  The benefits of being able to travel and to do engagements such as playing for the Horse Guards have been amazing.  I get paid to do my hobby and also get to experience many different engagements. I would definitely recommend it.”


WO2 Henry Hookings – 7 Rifles Waterloo Band & Bugles of the Rifles

Henry, previously a regular, took the opportunity to continue playing with a military band by joining 7 Rifles.  Although sometimes a challenge with travelling and juggling full time self-employment, he enjoys the opportunity to play with the band and also keep in touch with colleagues whilst enjoying the social side of the Battalion.

Henry said:  “Regular playing has meant I have been able to maintain my musical skills and also a high level of fitness.  The best part of being involved has been the engagements that we have performed at, some of which have included travel abroad including Cyprus, Bermuda, Georgia, Armenia and Switzerland.”

Res Bio Henry Hookings 7 Rifles Band




CIS Troop, 8 Engineers Brigade

Private Johnson – CIS Troop, 8 Engineers Brigade

Private Lina Johnson wanted to do something different outside of her comfort zone that would push her boundaries.  Enjoying being outdoors and sports, she also felt that it would be nice to give something back herself, given all the services do to protect our Country.

CIS Troop - PTE Lina Johnstone

As a personal assistant in London, Lina’s employers have been supportive of her Reserves role and she has been able to introduce them to the Reserves Employer scheme and show them all the benefits that are available to them.

Lina feels her confidence has grown since enrolling as a Reserve and she enjoys the support that she has received.  This has encouraged her to develop herself and is grateful for all the potential opportunities that are available.


Sergeant Wayne Adams – CIS Troop, 8 Engineers Brigade

Sgt Wayne Adams served for 25 years with the Irish Guards and was encouraged to sign up by friends already in the Reserves.

RES Bio CIS - Wayne Adams - INT SGT

Being in the Reserves gives Wayne the opportunity to work on familiar tasks as a team and assist those regulars who have never been involved with the military before.  He enjoys being able to experience the military activities and opportunities that aren’t available in any other environment.

Wayne currently works for the Crown Estate as a Warden on the Great Park in Windsor and has great support of being enlisted as a reserve, especially as his boss is the Duke of Edinburgh and is the head ranger of the park.




“It is like another little family.”

Private Lizzie Payne – CMT – Combat Medical Technician 


Private Payne originally looked to join the regulars when she was younger but opted for university and it had always played on her mind when seeing the advertisements about signing up. On seeing an advertisement during one of the advertising campaigns for the reserves, Lizzie thought if she didn’t sign up then she never would.

Res Bio - Pte L Payne

When asked how she felt about her unit Private Payne said “I really enjoy the team focus, the enthusiasm to push yourself further than you would normally attempt and being able to do the activities that I would not normally do on my own such as Coasteering or adventure training in the Dolomites. It has a lot to offer and the guys and guys are brilliant.  It is like another little family.”

Private Payne has enjoyed the flexibility of committing to the different days throughout the year and although not originally supportive of time off, her employers have now allocated an extra week of leave to allocate training away with the Army.


Dawn McCafferty  – Air Commodore – RAFR 

Air Com - Dawn Mc

Dawn is responsible for over 45,000 cadets and approximately 12,000 adult volunteers.

Her aspiration as the Commandant of the Air Cadets is that when Cadets choose to move on to either join one of the services or enrol for university or an apprenticeship, that the Air Cadets organisation has done something to help the cadets achieve their potential and become productive members of society.

She said: “I feel privileged and inspired working with the Cadets and helping youngsters achieve.  We hope that the well-developed young individuals along with a string of achievements on their CV that they have achieved throughout their time with the cadets, are influenced by what they are given at the units such as confidence and team building.”





“I have overcome the challenge of speaking in front of people”

Corporal Aleaha Stuart – Donnington Bridge – Oxfordshire Battalion

ACF Bio Cadet Aleaha Stuart

After seeing of the experiences that were available with the Cadets, Aleaha signed up to become a Cadet at Donnington Bridge.

With hard work and practice, Aleaha has overcome the skills she wasn’t so good at and believes it has made her more confident, self-reliable and focused. Aleaha believes that it has changed her for the better and best part of being a Cadet is all the friends she has made.


Corporal Abi Stanford – 2403 Aldermaston Squadron – Air Cadets

ATC Bio - Cadet Abi Stanford

Abi became involved after seeing the activities that weren’t available outside of the organisation.

Since becoming a cadet, she has learnt both teamwork and leadership skills plus achieving her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.  Abi Said: “I have really enjoyed being part of the competitions between the different squadrons and other military organisations and have overcome the challenge of speaking in front of people and learning to effectively communicate between everyone.”



“It is really good fun and I definitely recommend joining up.”

Cadet Megan Robins–Bourton – Bicester Detachment – Oxfordshire Battalion

Megan Robins-Bourton has wanted to work with the Army since she was little and was encouraged to join by her Dad’s friend who helps with the Cadets.

ACF Bio 20th May - Megan Robins - Bourton

Joining the Cadets has helped boost Megan’s confidence and by meeting lots of new friends, she feels that it has helped make it easier for her to socialise with people. Megan has overcome a lot of fears since enrolling with Cadets and really enjoys activities that she didn’t think she would.  She said:  “It is really good fun and I definitely recommend joining up.”


Sergeant Tyler Jeffs – Banbury Jordan Detachment – Oxfordshire Battalion

Tyler became a Cadet as a number of his friends had enrolled and he thought it was something new to get involved with.

Tyler has enjoyed the challenges of overcoming many obstacles including Fieldscraft, physical training and has progressed to become a senior cadet within his company. He feels that it has made him far more rounded as a person and he has developed skills that he never thought he had, all the while making lifelong friends.

ACF 20th May- Bio Tyler Jeffs

Tyler has found it inspiring to be able to support the younger cadets in learning new skills and developing themselves as people, which has helped him develop his own leadership and teamwork skills.



“I am proud to call them my brothers and sisters.”

Cadet Corporal – Archille Boswell – Army Cadet Force

Archille became a cadet to prepare himself for military service and to help others.  Gaining a number of qualifications and certifications including ‘Top Student’ on the Junior Cadet Instructors Course.

ACF Bio Cadet Corp A Boswell

Archille said: “I have gained social skills and have learnt how to come out of my shell to improve other relationships in my life.  One of the best things about being involved is the friends that I have made and I am proud to call them my brothers and sisters.”


Cadet Regimental Sargeant Major – Kyle Rothwell – Army Cadet Force

ACF Bio - Cadet RSM Kyle Rothwell

Kyle was influenced by his brother to become a cadet who also progressed through to Cadet Regimental Sargeant Major.
Kyle said: ” I have gained confidence, teamwork and leadership skill through being with the cadets.  Everything has been great but meeting new people has definitely been the best part.  I have also gained a BTEC and passed my challenging Master Cadet Course.”



Army Cadet Force Adult Volunteers

Adult Volunteer – Peter Cooke – Army Cadet Force

ACF Bio Ad Vol P Cooke

Previously a regular soldier, Peter became an adult volunteer with the aim to pass on his military knowledge to cadets, mentor them and help them achieve their goals.
Peter said: ““I enjoy being part of a team and seeing the cadets mature and develop into young adults. It is challenging but worthwhile to observe the cadet attitudes and behaviour change with their knowledge growth.”


Adult Volunteer – Tristan Manchee – Army Cadet Force

Being a cadet, had such a positive impact on Tristan’s life that he wanted to pass that onto the next generation of cadets. Tristan has gained a number of Instructor Qualifications and also has had the opportunity to accompany 10 cadets to Singapore on an International Cadet Exchange.

ACF Bio Ad Vol Lt T Manchee

Tristan said: “Being a detachment Commander is the best role in the ACF in my opinion.  Helping to shape a new generation on a weekly basis is incredible.  Cadets can be demanding on my time but thankfully I have the amazing support of my wife to allow me to do what I do to help others.”