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The LAD and our Primary Role

2nd edition from LCpl Sian Davies 128Fd Coy REME

I am now over two months into the tour and things have really started to settle. Having spent the first month finding my feet and getting used to my new surroundings, work is the main focus.

12 CSLR’s main effort is to provide logistical support to the Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and Patrol Bases (PBs), based around Task Force Helmand. This support is in the form of Combat Logistic Patrols (CLPs). There can be up to 80 vehicles in a CLP. There are a variety of vehicles used and it is the LADs responsibility to maintain the CSLR vehicles and keep them ‘taskworthy’. The LAD is split down into sections. Our role is to carry out ‘first line’ repairs, i.e. jobs that can be completed within 4 hours, as well as modifications and servicing.

Enhanced Platform Loading System (EPLS)

I work as part of the EPLS section. The EPLS is a Man SV and makes up the bulk of the CLPs. There are approximately 60 EPLS within the CSLR and they are divided over two sections. Approximately 40 EPLS go out on each CLP. The EPLS carries loads to the FOBs and PBs. These loads consist of ammunition, medical supplies, rations, welfare parcels, post and various other items. It is vitally important that these loads are delivered regularly to ensure the FOBs and PBs have all the essential kit and also to keep morale high. Loads are often collected from these locations and brought back to camp.


Me working on one of the EPLS

Combat Support Tanker (CST)

The CST is an Oshkosh and the fleet is made up of fuel tankers, water tankers and Ilets (trailers). As well as resupplying fuel and water to the FOBs and PBs, the Ilets are used to transport heavy loads. The Ilets can move up to 45 tonnes worth of vehicle, such as Foxhounds and Mastiffs.

Force Protection (FP)

The FP section comprises of Ridgebacks, Mastiffs and Minerollers. These are protected mobility vehicles and their primary role is to lead the CLPs.

Craftsman Tuckwell with one of the Force Protection vehicles

Craftsman Tuckwell with one of the Force Protection vehicles

Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET)

The HET vehicles are also Oshkosh but on a much larger scale than the CST. The American designed vehicles can carry abnormal loads. They are used in the CLPs to take such loads to the FOBs and PBs as well as collect loads and return them to CampBastion. These loads are often other large vehicles. The HET can carry up to 72 tonnes. For example, they are able to carry all helicopters currently out in theatre.

Heavy Equipment Transporter

Heavy Equipment Transporter

Each vehicle type has its normal wear and tear and common faults. Each section is manned by a Corporal and has 2-3 ‘Class 2’ vehicle mechanics. We work between the hours of 0800-1900 daily with a late start on some Sundays. These hours may change depending on work loads. Getting the vehicles back on the road is the main priority so working late is sometimes essential.

Everyone on the shop floor has their job to do and it is not unusual to see the section heads in coveralls working on the vehicles. I am enjoying working at the LAD and I am learning more as time goes on.

December 2012 – Christmas in CampBastion

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