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SAC Kirsten Tulloch (52) and her global travels as a Reservist Mover have inspired her son to join the Royal Air Force.

Kirsten became a reservist in 2014 after talking with RAF Reservist Recruiters at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT). She thought she was too old to join, but the Recruitment Team encouraged her to apply and within 9 months she had joined 4624 Movements Squadron at RAF Brize Norton.

Since then her role has enabled her to travel to the United States, the Middle East, Belize, Cyprus and Africa. As a Mover, this involves the specialist movement of personnel and equipment which will be used on operations or exercises. Kirsten has logged many hours in the back of the RAF’s transport workhorse – the C17 Globemaster.

“There is always the opportunity to get involved in so many interesting and exciting activities that I would never normally get the chance to do,” she said.

Kirsten was recently promoted as a senior manager for IBM within process transformation. IBM are very supportive of her reserve work.

“My reserve role is so different to what I do at work,” she said. “IBM love the fact that I am a reservist and do provide two weeks’ additional paid leave to undertake reservist work”.

Kirsten feel that the skills and experience she has gained as a reservist have been useful in her civilian role.

“I am more confident and I think that is part of the reason I was offered promotion,” she said.

Her enthusiasm has rubbed off on John, one of her twin sons. In February 2017, John graduated from Phase 1 training at RAF Halton and he is now in Phase 2 training to become an RAF Chef.

She said, “It was such a pleasure to see my kids motivated by what I am doing. I was lucky enough to attend John’s graduation, where we were both in uniform. That was unforgettable.”


If you are interested in learning more about 4624 Movements Sqn or other RAF Reserve opportunities, please ring the Recruiters on 01993 897712 or email


RAF Reservist moves to marry partner

20170620- Cpl Craig Elsey-4624 Sqn-British Airways Employee.jpg

Cpl Craig Elsey (44), a Reservist Mover with 4624 Squadron based at RAF Brize Norton is getting married soon – and he’s got his Reserve Service to thank!

Over the past six years as a Reservist, Craig has served around the world in his role as a Mover. This trade involves the safe and secure movement of people, cargo and equipment anywhere it is needed at any time.

He has recently been promoted to acting Corporal in his squadron. This was the moment where Gemma, his partner, reminded him of his promise.

“I had always told Gemma I wouldn’t propose until I had Corporal stripes on,” he said. “As soon as I got them she said, ‘Right then…it’s time’.” The couple plan to marry in 2018.

In 2014 Craig was deployed for three months to Camp Bastion as part of Operation Herrick and he has been deployed to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus as part of Operation Shader.

For the last 20 years, Craig has worked as a team leader for British Airways first at Gatwick and now at Heathrow.

“BA has been very supportive of my Reservist work. They allow me time and flexibility to fulfil my commitment to the Reserves and give me an extra five days’ leave for annual training”.

Craig is proud to serve in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force and is thankful for all the experiences he has had since joining.

He said: “My Reservist Service all started with a chat in the pub to some friends. Since then, I’ve become part of a bigger family, travelling to some amazing places. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t like it, but it is important to understand that the more you put into Reserves, the more you will get back.”

One of Craig’s proudest moments was when he marched in the Lord Mayor’s Show with 4624 Sqn colleagues.

“I marched in my No.1 uniform, with my Afghanistan medal pinned on,” he said. “We were marching behind the Queen’s Colour Squadron and I couldn’t puff my chest out any further with pride. That was when I really felt a special part of the Royal Air Force.”


If you are interested in learning more about 4624 Movements Sqn or other RAF Reserve opportunities, please ring the Recruiters on 01993 897712 or email

Royal County of Berkshire Army cadets have most successful shooting year


Cadets from the Royal County entered a Nationally organised ACF small bore competition with 600 entries and run under civilian National Small-bore rifle  Association rules.

Of the initial squad of 12, 10 managed to shoot well enough in the first round where the top 200 competitors could continue into the second round

After a further round of shooting 7 of the team were in the top 100 of the whole competition and have been awarded the coveted Cadet 100 badge 2016/7 to wear on their uniform.

4 of the team entered last year and this was the first year for the remainder of the squad.

2 Cadets, CSM Kelly and Cpl Egereva, shot well enough to be selected for the ACF l team to shoot in the Junior Inter-Services Small-bore match, The Whistler Trophy  and have been awarded their National Colours.

LCpl A Egereva of 9 Platoon Caversham is to be commended to achieving second place in the overall Cadet 100 competition for the second year running.

In order to get to this high standard of shooting  Cadets had to attend a minimum of 10 training sessions between September and October and further shooting in February for the second round of the competition.

For further information on Cadet competition shooting please look at the CCRS (Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting ) website

C/SM J Kelly               Whitley            Riles

L/Cpl A Egereva         Caversham     REME

C/SM G Manning        Caversham     REME

Cpl H Lee                    Woodley          REME

Cdt F.O’Higgins          Woodley          REME

Cdt C Stevens            Caversham     REME

Cpl C.Turner               Caversham     REME

Introducing the very first New Style UKCC Level 3 Surf Kayak Coach in the UK

Sea Cadet Adult Volunteer – Sub Lieutenant Monty Smedley from Southampton has become the very first person in the UK to qualify as a UKCC Level 3 Surf Kayak Coach. Monty who is the SCC Headquarters Staff Officer for Paddlesports gained the new award very recently after completing a very tough training and assessment program which included:

  • A three-day core training course in 2015 which is common to all Coaches on the Level 3 pathway. This was followed by two days of discipline specific (surf kayak) training at Westward Ho! In North Devon. On completion Monty then had to find two mentors, one to advise on coaching practice and one to advise on technical delivery. Both mentors had to watch the sessions he delivered over a one year period.
  • Finding 2-4 committed cadets who would sign up for a year long process including goal setting, monthly sessions and attending a final assessment day.  Two cadets, identical twins Sophie and Beth from Salisbury unit, signed up, each with individual goals, each completing 21 sessions with Monty over a 12-month period.
  • Planning the long-term student’s development into sessions, agreeing dates around school work and other commitments, running sessions on the water, reviewing and then writing up all of the information into a portfolio, which was nearly 200 pages when complete.
  • Submitting the final portfolio for review and undertaking a final full day’s assessment in Bude, North Cornwall

As part of the process Beth and Sophie took part in a surf competition and both achieved their BC 3* Surf Kayak Award.

As you can see from what was required this was a long process, which amongst work, family and other SCC commitments took up most of Monty’s free time!

S/Lt (SCC) Monty Smedley RNR is a long-term SCC Volunteer who has been an Instructor in the organisation since 1994. Now aged 41 He is still as committed to the SCC and Kayaking as he was when joining as a cadet at York Unit in his teens. Monty gained his BCU 1 Star award in 1991 and became a L2 Coach/Assessor in July 2000 since then he has built up a large portfolio of BCU (latterly Canoe England) Qualifications using them both as a coach and a committed paddler.

Written by Lt Cdr (SCC) Ray Mitchell GCGI RNR