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Oxfordshire Band & Bugles Concentration

Oxfordshire The Rifles Battalion Army Cadet Force (ACF) hosted a Rifles ACF Band & Bugles concentration from the 12th until 16th February 2012, We had representation from Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Cornwall & Oxfordshire ACF’s, we broke the concentration in to three wings:

1. Cadet Bugle Majors Wing

2. Bugles Wing

3. Music Wing.

1. Cadet Bugle Majors Wing

This was a Cadet Bugle Majors (BMaj) course designed for Cadet Bugle Majors in post and for potential Cadet Bugle Majors. The course started the week with a visit to Winchester to be instructed by the Senior BMaj of the Rifles Band & Bugles, the rest of the week consisted of Duties of a BMaj, Cane Drill, Rifles Band & Buglers Drill, History of the Rifles and planning the final parade including the marching display, with the top student on the course leading the parade.

2. Bugles Wing

The Bugles wing consisted of Beginner, Intermediate and Advance Buglers the aim of the week was to improve every ones bugling skills aimed from the beginners to the more advanced, learning to play bugle calls, marches, solos, bugle drills and regimental history, on the final parade every bugler was playing marches to the more advanced buglers playing Light Calvary a very difficult bugle piece.

3. Music Wing

This wing was always going to be the challenge, converting musicians in not only learning the regimental marches, but also playing & marching at 140 per min, I must say they did a really fantastic job they learnt two regimental marches and played them both on the final parade. On Wednesday night we had a visit by the Winslow Concert Band who put on a concert for all the Adults & Cadets and invited some of our music cadets to play alongside them with Cadet Serjeant T Finney from Cornwall ACF playing a Cornet Solo.

The week was a great opportunity not only for the Cadets but also the Adults as well, every one left the concentration having learnt a great deal from the week, having two ex-Regular BMajs & ex- Regular & TA Buglers who are now all Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV) was a great help not only in passing on knowledge but being able to teach the correct drills. We were very fortunate to have a visit on Wednesday by Brig Robin Draper (Hon Col Oxfordshire ACF), Lt Col Mike Neville TO CFM, Maj Tex Carlton CEO CFM & Capt P Wesley Adjt CFM.

To finalise the concentration we had a final parade which incidentally was a great credit to all involved especially the Cdt BMajs who planned the whole parade from start to finish.

Col David Carson Commandant Oxfordshire ACF was kind enough to take the salute and present prizes to the top students on the wings, also in attendance was Maj T Carlton CEO CFM.

For more information contact broome234@btinternet.com or visit www.serfca.org