The Duke of York’s Royal Military School “Exercise Dukie Warrior 2018”

This year as a Contingent, we planned and executed our own summer camp at Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) Wiltshire. We took 90 Cadets and 11 staff of enthusiastic adult volunteers drawn, in the main, from teachers within the School.
We deployed the day after Grand Day to SPTA, a training area used by British Armed forces and forces from around the world. The training area has many challenging training facilities with Battle Camp accommodation.

Challenge, adaptability and tenacity – there was time for self-reflection for the Dukie Cadets this year on Exercise Dukie Warrior ‘18. At SPTA we conducted build up training which felt seamless due to the year’s hard work and training preparation by the cadets and staff at the Schools unique training area and range.
Enthusiastic to hone their military skills further, the training programme for the cadets was full of new demanding and enjoyable challenges, culminating in a final confirmatory exercise set in an urban environment at Imber Village SPTA. We also had assistance from the 1st Battalion the Princesses Royal Regiment who brought with them two Warrior Armoured infantry fighting vehicles and a selection of Infantry platoon weapons. They instructed the Cadets in the role and effectiveness of a Warrior and platoon weapons.

The training began with vehicle check point drills, section attacks, weapon handling, team building, battlefield first aid, Bulford Ranges and a competition day.

The younger cadets were commanded by the Cadet JNCO and SNCO’S who the potential junior under officers were for 2018/19. They acted in an enthusiastic, strong-minded, confident professional manner with drive and determination, when put under pressure from their command appointments.
“Young Dukie leaders emerge from the shadows of Imber village”

The Potential Officers were given appointments to prove their leadership skills during the final exercise phase at Imber Village. This allowed the RSM and staff to select competent and confident Potential Officers to take up the role of under officer in September. This consisted of leading sections in a physically, mentally and demanding urban tactical environment.

The final attack consisted of 2 platoons attacking and securing Imber. It was then that the ambush was set for the enemy who were re-grouping to attack and take back Imber from the Dukie’s.  Imber was saved and the enemy forced to retreat.
The Dukie cadets worked hard all week during the build-up, training and the final exercise phase. For their hard work and efforts they were rewarded with some RNR with a fun day at Thorpe Park.

All the cadets and staff enjoyed their summer camp and looked forward to a well-earned and deserved summer break.
Credit to – CSgt Russell


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