678 Squadron Army Air Corps support the Medical Detection Dog team

The Milton Keynes Regional Support Team of the Medical Detection Dogs (MDD) have been to visit the 678 Squadron AAC. To enable the dogs to train, the charity needs human sample swabs to help with their scent work.  678 Squadron have volunteered themselves to help out and were given the opportunity to meet and greet the dogs with their handlers.


Guest speaker Tom Borland is one of the MDD volunteers and became involved after he saw an advert which peaked his interest and led him to go along to one of their open days.  He was hooked on day one and it inspired him to work for the charity after seeing first hand the life saying work the charity does.

678 Squadron AAC volunteered not only to help with proving samples but on the day also announced that would help to raise money for the charity and that they had named them as their sponsored charity of the year. 


Major General Bill O’Leary was in attendance, alongside Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Brown 6AAC CO.  In addition to being the Deputy Commander Field Army, the Major General is also the Deputy Lieutenant of the County, which enables him to visit some extraordinary charities in the County.  One those that he visited was the Medical Detection Dogs, he said: “It struck me that they were struggling to get samples that are vital to the training of their dogs.  It was obvious to me that a cohort of Army Reserves from Milton Keynes were an obvious solution to the problem, linking the charity to the unit.  Today has been an wonderful example of that being taken forward and I am so pleased to be able to be here to see that happening today.”



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