“Father” of the RAF‘s Grandson Inspects Air Cadets

Air Cadets from Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire had the great honour of being inspected by and parading before the Third Viscount Trenchard, Grandson of the “Father” of the Royal Air Force,  Lord Trenchard.


The cadets of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire Wing of the RAF Air Cadets (RAFAC) took a break from their annual Wing Field Day competition to form up on the Parade Square of RAF Halton in celebration of the RAF’s 100th anniversary. To make this occasion so memorable for all concerned was the presence of Hugh Trenchard, the third Viscount Trenchard, Grandson of the man who was instrumental in the formation of the Royal Air Force.


Accompanied by the Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, Mr Robert Voss, CBE, and his Vice, Colonel Richard Beazley ACF,  the Viscount spent the morning before the Parade watching the cadets in active inter squadron competition showing their skills in foot and banner drill, music, aircraft modelling and other activities associated with the Air Cadet Training syllabus.

The Parade, made up of 350 cadets, band members and supporting staff made an impressive sight on the RAF Halton Parade Square that has witnessed the graduation of countless thousands of airmen and airwomen into the Royal Air Force either as graduates of the apprentice courses or, in more recent times, initial recruit training.


Viscount Trenchard expressed his feelings; “I was very happy to attend the Air Training Corps Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire Wing Field Day, incorporating a parade in celebration of the centenary of the formation of the Royal Air Force, at RAF Halton today.

“It’s clear to me that the air cadets are in excellent shape. I was delighted that over 300 cadets from the two counties turned out for today’s special parade and Wing Field Day, in the presence of Mr Robert Voss, Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for Hertfordshire, and Mr Richard Beazley, Vice Lord-Lieutenant.”

“I thought the cadets were very well turned out and was impressed with the standards achieved in the various activities. RAF Halton was one of the original pillars of the new air service headed by my grandfather and the commitment to training and excellence which have always been its hallmark have clearly been taken on board by the future generation, the cadets. I felt honoured to be invited and proud of my association with the RAF today.”

For the cadets it was an unforgettable day and one I am sure they will remember for a long time.



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