Berkshire Army Cadet Force

Lance Corporal Sonad Gurung

BIO ACF Berks - LC Gurung.JPG

Sonad has always had a passion to join the Ghurka’s and the cadets give him an opportunity to experience military operations and learn new skills such as leadership.  Sonad has also gained self confidence which has enabled him to teach junior cadets and lead them.

Sonad said:  “The best part was representing the Royal County of Berkshire for the Warrior Games in Aldershot.  I was proud to be team captain and lead the team through many sports such as Basketball, Football and Netball.  I also managed to win the best player throughout all sports.”


Corporal Jaydon Bakermault

BIO ACF Berks - Corp Bakermault.JPG

Jaydon was keen to gain a better of understanding of military life and wanted to have a better opportunity in life by joining the cadets.

Jaydon said:  “I have learnt how to adjust my mindset as to when we can have a laugh and when we need to be serious.  I have also gained confidence in my abilities and getting promoted was the one of the best experiences, as it led to me being given more challenging objectives.”


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