The Royal Navy

Commander John Gardener

Commander John Gardener has been the head of the Royal Navy Presentation Team for ten months and was previously the Chief of Staff to the Commander of the Amphibious Task Group.


He believes that the Armed Forces Briefings are important for the Armed Forces to explain to the general public and to other audiences, what they are for and what their part is in the Nation’s Defence of Security and events like the AFB are perfect to do just that.  They also show where the Forces are in their particular community.  Where they are locally and regionally explaining not only what we are doing but also what our linkages are with society based around military personnel based in their area.

Lieutenant Commander Heather Lane

Lieutenant Commander Heather Lane is the Royal Navy Media Operations Specialist Officer and was previously the Staff Officer on the Navy Command Engagement Team in Naval Headquarters.


Heather believes that with the decreasing footprint of the military, the Armed Forces Briefings are the first exposure to what the Royal Navy and its Reserves do.
It is vital to keep the community connected to the nations Armed Forces and to win their support.



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