Captain Dutch Holland to run London Marathon for Just Rifles

Captain “Dutch” Holland, a Royal Green Jackets & 4 Rifles Rifleman since 1979 and still serving in today’s Local British Army Reserve unit, 678 (Rifles) Sqn will be running the London Marathon 2018 on behalf of Just Rifles, in a few weeks’ time.



Throughout his military career, Dutch has been assisting Riflemen in many ways.  More recently to help them adjust to civilian life. A keen ultra-athlete and mountain leader, during the last seven years he has raised thousands of pounds through various charity events, enabling less fortunate Riflemen to maintain a decent quality of life when they have found themselves in unusual circumstances. This year Dutch has been lucky enough to gain a ballot place in this year’s London Marathon and will run it in aid of Just Rifles – a registered military charity – in order to keep our Riflemen and their families supported through difficult times in the future.


By running this year’s London Marathon, it is his aim to honour the 55 Riflemen who were killed (one sadly who was a local man “Rfn Andrew Fentiman”), the 252 Riflemen who were wounded and the 453 British Army Soldiers that were killed in action in Afghanistan. Throughout the marathon, Dutch will be wearing five different Just Rifles charity shirts, coordinated by his support team. He will begin in a normal Just Rifles running strip, Running Number 9056. Dutch will run the marathon as follows:


  1. At the 55 mins point of the event Dutch will change into a shirt stating 55 Rfn KIA.
  2. At the 2hr 52 mins point, he will change into 252 Rfn wounded in action (WIA).
  3. At the 3hr 07 mins, he will change into 307 total killed or wounded.
  4. Dutch then intends to complete the event in 4hrs 53. Representing the 453 service personnel men and women killed on Op Herrick.


Can I please now ask that you to visit the Just Rifles Just Giving page and donate as much as you possibly can to continue to help those Rifleman and their families.  We all must, as good proud citizens, continue to give as much as we can, both in physical support and in financial terms, keep raising awareness to our service men and women for many years to come. You can follow Dutch’s progress on the Rifles donations page, the Strava running app, Twitter and Instagram, by searching for Dutch Holland.


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