TS Ark Royal Sea Cadets

Cadet First Class Lio Bradbury – TS Ark Royal


After hearing about how much fun the cadets were, Lio signed up to take advantage of the qualifications available such as rowing, sailing and kayaking.

SCC 1st Class Lio Bradbury - Weymouth

Julia said: “There are a lot of waterborne qualifications but there are also many practical aspects such as learning to live in the wilderness.  The best parts of being involved are making new friends and all the courses, plus overcoming challenges such as attempting to put on a wet suit.”



Cadet First Class Will Bradbury – TS Ark Royal


Will became a sea cadet after the enrolment of his brother and decided he wanted to try something new himself.

SCC 1ST Class Will Bradbury - Weymouth Camp

Finding some of the sports challenging, such as windsurfing, Will has gone on to learn many of the water sports including rowing and powerboating.

Will said:  “I have learnt how to speak to people and get involved. My favourite part has to be meeting new people and getting involved with the community.”



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