TS Swiftsure – Farnham Sea Cadets

Lilyann Yven-Dent – Cadet TS Swiftsure – Farnham Sea Cadets


Lilyann has been with the Sea Cadets for about a year as her Mum thought it would be good for her to do something with her spare time and she agreed it would be something exciting.  Lilyann really likes the boating, finds it really exciting to go on the sea and really enjoys doing outdoor sports with the Cadets.

TS Swiftsure SCC Lilyann Yven-Dent.jpg

Lilyann said:  “The people are nice and friendly and I would eventually like to join the Navy.”


Jake Myers Potter – TS Swiftsure – Farnham Sea Cadets


Sea Cadet Jake Myers Potter became involved with TS Swiftsure after being recommended by a friend to join because of his keen interest in boats.

07778 334771

Although having the opportunity to go sailing, Jake has found the thing he likes the most is the lessons and going away for the weekends.

Jakes says “being with the Cadets is amazing and I’ve made so many friends after only knowing one person when I started.”



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