“It is like another little family.”

Private Lizzie Payne – CMT – Combat Medical Technician 


Private Payne originally looked to join the regulars when she was younger but opted for university and it had always played on her mind when seeing the advertisements about signing up. On seeing an advertisement during one of the advertising campaigns for the reserves, Lizzie thought if she didn’t sign up then she never would.

Res Bio - Pte L Payne

When asked how she felt about her unit Private Payne said “I really enjoy the team focus, the enthusiasm to push yourself further than you would normally attempt and being able to do the activities that I would not normally do on my own such as Coasteering or adventure training in the Dolomites. It has a lot to offer and the guys and guys are brilliant.  It is like another little family.”

Private Payne has enjoyed the flexibility of committing to the different days throughout the year and although not originally supportive of time off, her employers have now allocated an extra week of leave to allocate training away with the Army.


Dawn McCafferty  – Air Commodore – RAFR 

Air Com - Dawn Mc

Dawn is responsible for over 45,000 cadets and approximately 12,000 adult volunteers.

Her aspiration as the Commandant of the Air Cadets is that when Cadets choose to move on to either join one of the services or enrol for university or an apprenticeship, that the Air Cadets organisation has done something to help the cadets achieve their potential and become productive members of society.

She said: “I feel privileged and inspired working with the Cadets and helping youngsters achieve.  We hope that the well-developed young individuals along with a string of achievements on their CV that they have achieved throughout their time with the cadets, are influenced by what they are given at the units such as confidence and team building.”






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