Longhill CCF attend 11 Infantry Brigade’s Summer Camp

Longhill CCF attended 11 brigades’ central camp at Crowborough this year. It was a fantastic experience with lots on offer to both newer and experienced cadets.


Monday was range day. This offered the cadets an opportunity to experience paintballing, archery, laser tag, an obstacle course, ranges both indoor and outdoor and clay pigeon shooting on the shotgun.

Tuesday was Fieldcraft day. During this the cadets learnt survival techniques, teaching them to make stretchers and fires to enable evacuations in emergencies. They then moved onto learning the complexities of platoon attacks, the skills of a sniper on the sniper stalk and finally we got give Vehicle Check Points (VCPs) a try, searching vehicles and personal.

Wednesday was out of military mode and onto adventurous training (AT). This day had a big focus on team building exercises which worked very well. During the day cadets got to kayak, canoe on open boars, experience a MK6 Assault boat, go mountain biking and complete an orienteering challenge (with a twist!).

Thursday was competition day, a fantastic day showing just how close the schools worked as a team, all encouraging one another, even when in direct competition.
The events that were being competed in were; March & 25m Shoot, Obstacle course, Survival, Skill at Arms, Command Tasks, Military Knowledge, Drill, Shotgun, Mountain Biking and Archery.
It was a fantastic day, enjoyed by everyone, with all taking part in at least 2 events and supporting the others during the other events.
Longhill CCF walked away with 1st place in Obstacle course and Shotgun, 2nd place in Drill, 3rd place in the Shoot and Mountain biking and 2nd place over all out of the 13 schools attending camp that week. These were amazing achievements for Longhill CCF, especially with a quarter our cadets being shiny and new.


Thursday evening and Friday was an exercise phase ran by the school staff, testing some skills learnt during the week.

It was a great experience for the cadets and staff and we look forward to next year!

Captain I Tester- Training Officer, Longhill School CCF



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