20170620-SAC Kirsten Tulloch-4624 Sqn-DXP Tasking-Austria.jpg

SAC Kirsten Tulloch (52) and her global travels as a Reservist Mover have inspired her son to join the Royal Air Force.

Kirsten became a reservist in 2014 after talking with RAF Reservist Recruiters at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT). She thought she was too old to join, but the Recruitment Team encouraged her to apply and within 9 months she had joined 4624 Movements Squadron at RAF Brize Norton.

Since then her role has enabled her to travel to the United States, the Middle East, Belize, Cyprus and Africa. As a Mover, this involves the specialist movement of personnel and equipment which will be used on operations or exercises. Kirsten has logged many hours in the back of the RAF’s transport workhorse – the C17 Globemaster.

“There is always the opportunity to get involved in so many interesting and exciting activities that I would never normally get the chance to do,” she said.

Kirsten was recently promoted as a senior manager for IBM within process transformation. IBM are very supportive of her reserve work.

“My reserve role is so different to what I do at work,” she said. “IBM love the fact that I am a reservist and do provide two weeks’ additional paid leave to undertake reservist work”.

Kirsten feel that the skills and experience she has gained as a reservist have been useful in her civilian role.

“I am more confident and I think that is part of the reason I was offered promotion,” she said.

Her enthusiasm has rubbed off on John, one of her twin sons. In February 2017, John graduated from Phase 1 training at RAF Halton and he is now in Phase 2 training to become an RAF Chef.

She said, “It was such a pleasure to see my kids motivated by what I am doing. I was lucky enough to attend John’s graduation, where we were both in uniform. That was unforgettable.”


If you are interested in learning more about 4624 Movements Sqn or other RAF Reserve opportunities, please ring the Recruiters on 01993 897712 or email


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