TS Swiftsure

TS Swiftsure_028.jpg

Lilyann Yven-Dent – Cadet TS Swiftsure

Lilyann has been with the Sea Cadets for about a year as her mum thought it would be good to something with my spare time and agreed it would be something exciting.  Lilyann really likes the boating and found it really exciting to go on the sea and really enjoys doing the outdoor sports with the Cadets. Lilyann said:  “The people are nice and friendly and I would eventually like to join the Navy.”

PIC BY STEWART TURKINGTON www.stphotos.co.uk 07778 334771

Jake Myers Potter – TS Swiftsure

Sea Cadet Jake Myers Potter became involved with TS Swiftsure after being recommended by friend to join because of his keen interest in boats. Although having the opportunity to go sailing Jake has found the thing he likes the most is the lessons and going away for the weekends. Jake says being with the Cadets is amazing and has made so many friends after only knowing one person when he started.

PIC BY STEWART TURKINGTON www.stphotos.co.uk 07778 334771

Tyler Edmondson – Cadet TS Swiftsure

Tyler Edmondson followed in his families steps by becoming a Sea Cadet at TS Swiftsure.  His Mum, both brother and sister were Cadets and his sister is still with the Cadets. Tyler found his nights were boring when they were at cadets and was keen to become a Cadet himself.  The thing he most enjoys is the drill and looks forward to the summer camps, playing games and socialising with friends.

TS Swiftsure_021.jpg

Rebecca Crewdson – Adult volunteer TS Swiftsure

Rebecca becoming a Cadet with the TS Swiftsure as both her Dad and older Sibling were with the Cadets. As an Adult Instructor, Rebecca looks after the junior section which has four sections such as drill, seamanship, boating, first aid and outdoor activities which includes camping, walking and outdoor sports.  They also teach them about community and faith to help them to engage within their communities.

Rebecca enjoys seeing the children achieve their certificates and have made some great friends as there is such a lovely atmosphere. Rebecca said:  “I have learnt about how to approach different people and how to deal with different types of behaviour and encourage them to get involved. There is so much to do and you can make such a difference in kids lives, it is a really happy place for them to be.”



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