Berkshire Army Cadet Force

VC Memorial_008.jpg

Adult Volunteer – Colour SGT Samantha Harrison 15 Plt Theale, Berkshire ACF

Samantha Harrison was a cadet from the age of 12 and when she left cadets, she came straight back as an adult instructor. Samantha wanted to give back everything she had learned, all the knowledge and the life skills, the amazing memories I have from being a cadet and I wanted to give that back to the new cadets.

Samantha Said: “It is such a big part of my life and I would say to anyone thinking about signing up that you will make amazing friends and seeing the younger children grow and learn it and walking away as fantastic ladies and gentlemen is the best part of being with the cadets.”

VC Memorial_043.jpg

Adult Volunteer – Sgt Challis 13 Plt, Burghfield, Berkshire ACF

Sgt Challis was a cadet himself and joined the army and returned to the cadets as an adult instructor after leaving. Sgt Challis said:  “Watching the cadets join learn and go onto university or join the army, get commission and then come back and see you is the best thing about being involved. There is so much more to gain from joining up and getting involved, what have you got to lose by trying it.”

VC Memorial_060.jpg

Cadet – LCpl James Wallace, 15 Plt Theale, Berkshire ACF

Lcpl James Wallace wanted to join the Army and enquired about joining up and realising that he was too young, they signposted him into the Cadets which is the best thing he has done ever. James has learnt so many things such as drill, field craft and really enjoyed the shooting but it also taught him how to improve his leadership skills. James said:  “It is completely unique and it I believe my experiences such as leading people, will benefit me when I join the Police.  You only live once, it’s so good so sign up because its amazing.”

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Cadet – Cpl Lucie Shipp, 13 Plt Burghfield, Berkshire ACF

Cpl Lucie Shipp’s brother and sister were Cadets before her and she thought all their kit was really cool and that want to join in with them. The Cadets training programme links into other Duke of Edinburgh award, so she has been able to do them together. Lucie said that the Cadets has helped her grow in confidence and has managed to promote to a rank, which has then given her the chance to work on instructing skills as well as leadership whilst instructing the younger cadets. Once she leaves six form college, I she aims to potentially go onto University, or become an Apprentice or join the Army.  But most importantly, she would like to return to Cadets as an Adult Instructor.


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