Sussex and Kent Cadets visit Cypus

Cyprus 1

Cyprus April 2017: On Friday 7th April Sussex ACF, Kent ACF and South West London ACF took 27 cadets and 8 instructors to Cyprus to train with 2 PWRR .   It was a packed week starting of On Saturday by visiting Recce Platoon and Sniper Platoon – Brilliant Demonstrations were given by PWRR and a familiarization session of the the kit used was a highlight.   Afterwards Camouflage & Concealment – with 12 cadets in each group,  they went and hid themselves in the area the using techniques taught to them. To test them the Snipers got out there Telescopic Sight Hardware and started to see if they could spot them (only 2 cadets found in the Sussex team – Go Sussex!).  The day was far from over as they them moved onto Building Clearing using buildings marked out with tape and were shown how a room should be cleared using 2 soldiers.   Then onto Contact Drills –  They practiced left flanking, right flanking and frontal assaults working as a platoon. Each cadet took it in turn to be the Platoon Commander or Section Commander whilst also practicing the 2i/c duties of each into the bargain.


Next Day Sunday,  kicked of with a Demonstration from Mortar Platoon on the beach near Alexander Barracks. Afterwards the cadets were taught certain aspects of Mortar Fire and then got to have a go themselves!   Then onto Javelin Platoon who also gave a first class demonstration and afterwards the cadets got to look at and try using some of the sights and technology used.   In the afternoon the 2 star cadets were taught about model building and used a giant sandpit to help visualise the ground for the exercise later.  In parallel the 3 star cadets  were given some orders revision and practice.

Monday was spent on the ranges firing the A3, working on zeroing and application shoots. All cadets competed in a shooting competition with some very impressive results. This was confirmed when a number of professional soldiers came to zero their rifles before heading out on operations and some of the cadets achieve higher scores than the soldiers- well done!  Much to their delight cadets where also taken through a wide range of other weapon systems – The Minimi, GPMG, AK47, Thompson submachine gun, Marksman – sharp shooter, Glock 17, Webley Service Revolver .38, A Baton gun and finally the LSW

In the evening the cadets where taken to a local restaurant for a mezzanine night for a 20 course meal, to experience the local cuisine.   All this and they are not even half way through the trip!

Cyprus 8


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