Sussex ACF Cadets


Cadet Corporal Demi Baker

10 Eastbourne PI

“I’ve been in the cadets for four years; my dad was in the SAS and encouraged me to join. I love the environment it’s like having extended family around you, I’ve made so many new friends.

I’ve done my Bronze DofE and I am working my way to Silver, I’ve also done my signals course and first aid.

A woman collapsed and wasn’t breathing so I was able to help using the skills I had learnt in the ACF.

The weekends are definitely the best – I’d encourage anyone to join its life changing!”


Cadet Lance Corporal Eloise Thompson

25 Heathfield

“My friend was in the ACF and encouraged me to join, I’m working towards my Silver DofE and can say the whole experience of being in the cadets has really boosted my confidence massively, being in the ACF and around friends has helped me with my anxiety.

I want to be a lawyer and think that my cadet career will look good on my CV”.


Cadet Sergeant Ryan Avis

19 Hailsham

“I’m looking forward to joining the army, being in the cadets has taught me self-discipline, how to pull my own weight and how to be responsible not only for myself but other people.

It’s like being part of a brotherhood; I’ve made mates for life. If I wasn’t doing this I’d probably be dossing in front of a computer”.


Cadet Sergeant Tiara Galloway

“I joined initially as I wanted to be a doctor in the army and I thought this was a good starting point.

I’ve passed first aid, weapons handling and have competed in the National athletics team where I’ve won two silver medals and a bronze for the 100 and 200m and the triple jump.

If you’re ambitious join, not many of my peers can say they’ve slept out in the field and done the things I have with cadets – it’s not your average hobby”.


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