Sussex Sea Cadets Drill and Piping Competition – 19 Feb 17

Sussex SCC_029.jpg

Ordinary Cadet Oriana Anane-Dumfeh, 15 – TS Eastbourne SCC

“I’ve been a member of the Sea Cadets for three years after I saw the advert on TV; I love all the sailing activities and making new friends. It’s great to be taught how to sail properly – I’d really recommend joining it’s so much fun”.

Sussex SCC_046.jpg

Family shot L-R: Able Cadet Elisha, Chief Petty Officer Karl  and Ordinary Cadet Camron.

Chief Petty Officer Karl O’Keefe said: “We’ve had three generations in the Sea Cadets, I also have another daughter who has also joined and my father was in too! It’s a great hobby for young people to get involved in, it helps to develop well rounded and mature young adults and also gives them so many fantastic opportunities”.

Ordinary Cadet Camron O’Keefe said: “I really enjoy meeting new people, going on all of the courses and learning something different – there are so many qualifications you can do”.

Sussex SCC_047.jpg

Ordinary Cadet, Tamsin Pendry, 14

“I had the opportunity to go to Canada for six weeks with the SCC which was life changing, I learnt about boating, competition shooting and more. Sea Cadets is just so much fun, there are lots of competitions and courses, and I love it”.

07778 334771

L-R: Junior Sea Cadets Spencer Ruxton Cocker and Liam Hunt.

Liam Hunt: “Piping is my favourite you wouldn’t get the chance to learn it anywhere else, Sea Cadets is so much fun”.

Mum Tracey Hunt said: “Liam is just so more confident since joining the Sea Cadets, he’s now able to go out on his own and broaden his circle of friends outside of school – it’s fantastic for him”

Spencer Ruxton-Cocker: “I really enjoy marching, kayaking and making new friends”

Mum Carri Ruxton Cocker: “His behaviour has improved massively since being in the sea cadets; the change is discipline is noticeable! It’s great, both my sons attend”.

07778 334771

Ordinary Cadet Catherine Boorman, 15

“I’ve been in for four years – I’ve learnt so many things and had some great experiences. Sea Cadets provides so many opportunities that you wouldn’t get otherwise. My proudest achievement has been leading my squad today”.

07778 334771

Cadet 1st Class Corrina Hopkinson

“I’ve learnt catering here and was involved in managing a buffet for 20 people! I love seamanship and have new life experiences – it’ll look great on my CV”

07778 334771

Sub Lt Paul Huggett

 “I joined Sea Cadets at 10 and became a member of staff at 18, I joined the Royal Navy at the age of 23, and I now work in Air Traffic Control. You not only learn self-discipline, respect but strong core values from your peers. At 12 not many young people have a sense of responsibility and the Sea Cadets teaches that.

My highlight as a Sea Cadet has to be flying in the back of a Red Arrows plane at Cadet150 over Buckingham Palace – not many people can say they have done that!

There are just so many opportunities that certainly help young people later on in life and in their careers.”


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