106 Regt – Longmoor – PNCO Course – Sat 10 Feb 17

106 Regt_011.jpg

“The Knowledge that I have gained from being a Reservist has helped me to get my current job – working as a Defence Analyst with the Civil Service”

A gunner from Basingstoke works in the Civil Service.  He has been in the Reserves for 3 years and is a member of 457 Battery (part of 106 Regiment) based in Southampton.  He said, “The Civil Service is also very generous, helping with training time with my Regiment and they give me 15 days a year, in addition to my normal holiday.  The gunner was taking part in the Potential Non Commissioned Officers Course on Longmoor at the weekend, he is also currently training for his HVM (High Velocity Missile) Course, and is preparing for his first live firing weekend which will be held in Wales in March.

PIC BY STEWART TURKINGTONwww.stphotos.co.uk 07778 334771

“Following in his family’s footsteps”

Gunner Callum Hawksey who lives in Fareham is a Reservist with 106 Regiment Royal Artillery and is a member of 295 Battery based on Thorney Island, in civilian life he is a fitness instructor and has been in the Army Reserve for 3 years.  Callum said, “My family have served with 12 Regiment Royal Artillery who are based on Thorney Island and that was what motivated me to join the Reserves, in particularly the Royal Artillery.  Callum exercised in Canada last year with the Royal Artillery and is hoping for more opportunities for oversea travel with the Regiment.

106 Regt_016.jpg

“I joined the Reserves at 40, a bit late but I love it, and I have managed to progress with my training quite quickly, as I can put in the extra time”

Gunner Russell Haley, is a member of 457 Battery based in Southampton, and lives in Pool.  Russel works as a Data Developer for an Insurance Company in Bournemouth so enjoys the diversity of his Reserve career.  Russell was taking part in the Potential Non Commissioned Officers Course being held at Longmoor last weekend.

106 Regt_020.jpg

“I had hoped to join the Reserves earlier in my career but somehow it never happened, I thought I had missed my opportunity, when I spotted the age limit has been increased I jumped at the chance to fulfill an ambition”

Gunner Phill Ashby from Bassett in Southampton is a member of 457 Battery based at Blighmont.  Phill works in the construction industry as a self-employed builder and has only been in the Reserves for 18 months, and is working hard to progress in the Royal Artillery.  Gunner Ashby is hoping to do well in is Potential Non Commissioned Officers Course which he has been attending at Longmoor training area over the last 4 weekends.

106 Regt_026.jpg

My employer is very supportive of my Reserve Career, it can be tough juggling them both, but if you manage your time properly it can be extremely rewarding”

Troop Commander Second Lieutenant David Fuller from Southampton works as a City Councillor in Southampton and also works for the MP Royston Smith as a Parliamentary Assistant.  David has been in the Reserves for 6 years – he joined the University Officers Training Corps whilst at University and then when to join the Royal Artillery.  He completed his Officers Commissioning Course at Sandhurst in 2016, and said, “It was one of the toughest experiences in my life but well worth it.”

106 Regt_031.jpg

One Army regular and Reserve Members of the Armed Forces from 12 Regiment and 106 Regiment Royal Artillery taking part in the first jointly run Potential Non Commissioned Officer Course, run by 106 Regiment Royal Artillery and held over 4 weekends at Longmoor Training Camp

Commanding Officer 106 Regiment Royal Artillery Lieutenant Colonel Tim Pennett TD, who visited his Reservists and members of 12 Regiment at the weekend.  He said, “We are paired with and we support 12 Regiment Royal Artillery – as they support us.

Working and training together at this level is important we get to know each other and we get to see how we all operate, so the understanding and bonding of both Regular and Reserves has already taken place.”

He added, “So when we take part in operations the ground work has been done.”



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