Z Company assist at Hell Runner Event


For the tenth year in a row, Z Company assisted with the ‘Hell Down South’ Hell Runner Event on Saturday 14th January 2017. Twenty-three cadets and 6 adults from 11 Platoon Eastleigh, 3 Platoon Basingstoke and 4 Platoon Overton all helped at the event.

The event based at Longmoor Camp has over 2000 participants ranging from ‘Little Devils’ to adults of all ages, take part in the run from hell. The run itself is described as ‘Tougher than Tough Mudder and Grimmer than the Grim!’. Those who finish most certainly deserve their medal, t-shirt and goody bags for their efforts.

SSI Shane Radford, Detachment Commander of 11 Platoon Eastleigh, originally made the connection with Paul from Brooks Sports to get the Army Cadet Force involved. Over the years, with more cadets in attendance, the ACF are able to assist with water points on the run, bag drop off and collection and handing out medals, t-shirts and goody bags at the finish point and packing away.

It was a long day with cadets meeting at 7am to get to the event for 8am. The first race started at 9.30am with the final race at 10.30am. Most runners had finished the race by 2pm. Following this, cadets assisted with the packing away of the tables, tents, equipment and barriers. They finished at around 4pm when they were then given a free goody bag to say thank you. SSI Radford then donated any bags left over to the Homeless Shelter in Southampton as they contained a variety of edible goods.

SSI Radford said: “We really enjoy helping at Hell Runners. Each year we receive a Unit donation from the organisers. We split this between the detachments who help. This is really beneficial to the cadets as monies raised can help with training back at their detachments. It’s great that they take ownership of this and come along and help. It’s also great to see them interacting with the public and being praised for their hard work.

It was a real team effort this year as there were so many people taking part. I would like to thank all the cadets and adults who came to help.”

The next Hell Runner event down south will take place in November this year where Z Company hope to be able to help again.

For more information visit http://hellrunner.co.uk/



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