Oxfordshire Lord Lieutenant’s Award Ceremony 2016 – Part 1

Oxon LL Awards_020.jpg

Lieutenant Colonel Vernow from 202 Field Hospital said, “I was delighted to have been nominated for this award and feel honoured that my Service has been recognised.”

Colonel Vernow’s has been an Officer with the Reserves since 1980, a span of 36 years.  She has served in Iraq at Deputy Matron of the Field Hospital. Colonel Vernow said, “My deployment to Iraq in 2003 on Operation Telic was the highlight of my Reserve career, and being able carry our operational service was the reason I had joined.”

Oxon LL Awards_023.jpg

Corporal Nevins joined the RAF Reserve in 2008 and is currently carrying out full time reserve service for the Squadron, Karajo said, “I feel so honoured, to receive this award.”

A Medic by trade, Corporal Nevins has served on operations in Afghanistan as a flight medic in 2010, and is proud to be part of the largest RAF Reserve Aeromedical Evacuations Squadron, she added, “Serving on operations gave me the challenge of doing the job I had been trained to do.”

Oxon LL Awards_028.jpg

Army Cadet Force Adult Volunteer Instructor Michael Quigley who lives in Reading has been with the Oxfordshire Army Cadet Force since 2001 and works a House Keeper at a private Nursery School in Reading.

Michael said, “I am somewhat shocked, but very proud to accept the award, it is great to know my Battalion has such faith in me.”

Michael joined the Army Cadet Force to do something different with his free time, and he now runs his own thriving Cadet Detachment in Henley on Thames.  He added, “Being an adult instructor with the Cadets gives me a great sense of self worth.

Oxon LL Awards_030.jpg

Flight Lieutenant Christlieb, works at Oxford University in the Department of Oncology, helping the raise public understanding and interest in cancer research.  Martin is a member of The Thames Valley Wing Air Training Corps and enlisted in 2006 as an adult instructor, and adventure training officer with the Wing, he said, “I feel pleased and honoured, and the award means that the work that I and the adventure training team have done is understood, noticed, and valued.” The Highlight of his volunteer career has been passing his mountain leadership course, and when asked what motivates him to be an instructor he said, “The occasions when Cadets confront their fears and finish the day glowing with pride.”

Oxon LL Awards_032.jpg

Lieutenant Murray was awarded the Oxfordshire Reservist of the year award at this year’s Oxfordshire Lord -Lieutenant Ceremony held at Pembroke College.

The award The Fuller, Smith and Turner Best Reservist Award is sponsored by Fuller Smith and Turner plc.  It is open to any reservist from all three Services, of any rank and any length of service.  Raquel who was presented with a certificate, a cheque and two cases of beer was considered by the selection board to have achieved the most and made the greatest contribution to the Reserve Service during the year.  Lieutenant Murray who works as a consultant in Robotic Process Automation for Symphony Ventures Ltd based in London, enlisted into the Reserve in 2012, she then completed her Officer Commissioning course at RMA Sandhurst to become an Officer.  Currently working with Oxford University Officer Training Corps, Raquel said, “Being a Reservist allows me to be challenged in environments that aren’t available anywhere else.  You stretch and grow and develop your work ethic, discipline, decision making, leadership skills and much more.”  On receiving her award she added, “I am humbled to be given this award, it will serve as a reminder of how rewarding it is to be a Reservist, my time so far has granted me many opportunities, experiences, and life-long friends, for that I am truly grateful.”


Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Fiona Gordon from Oxford University Officer Training Corps
Officer Cadet Alfie Shaw
Officer Cadet Isabele Godfrey and
Lance Corporal Joseph Holt

Members of the team accepted the award on behalf of Captain Tania Nokes who successfully organised an extremely ambitions and successful adventurous training skiing expedition.

The Ulysses Trust was formed in 1992 when Price Charles became the Patron of the Territorial Army’s expedition to attempt the first ever winter ascent of Everest. The Trust provided encouragement, advice and financial support for challenging expeditions and adventurous activities planned and undertaken by the Reserves and Cadet Forces. Over a period of 22 years the Trust has provided over £2.4 Million to help over 29,210 young people from all backgrounds to participate in over 1.900 expeditions around the world and the UK.



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