HMS King Alfred Training Weekend Part.1


Ex Royal Naval Chief Petty Officer Jaime Newell who lives in Portsmouth works for Compass Group at the Defence Diving School and is also a member of HM King Alfred based at Whale Island in Portsmouth.  Jaime joined the Royal Naval Reserves having been a Regular for 27 years, his last ship being HM Illustrious where he served for 4 years as Chief of Catering.

With the RNR opening up a Chef Branch Jaime became the first Chef country wide to become part of the Logistic Branch.

CPO Newell’s role with HMS King Alfred is to support and feed the Ships Company during weekend training and also to cater for major VIP functions and events at King Alfred.


All the new Reservists would be taking part in the full weekend of training, getting to know there colleagues and integrating with the ships company and learning new skills.


One of the key activities was Orienteering, which would test map reading skills, communication and fitness.

The course was set up over 8Ks with 13 locations to be visited, and with a time of 2hours.


Able Seaman Goodridge and Mid Shipman Butterworth set off at a sprint as they take part in the Orienteering task.



Leading Naval Nurse Sarah Hudson who works at St Richards Hospital in Chichester, and Lieutenant Nancy Trevethan.


Leading Naval Nurse Anya Cooper who works at A&E at Southampton General Hospital and Able Seaman Joe Ayres who works as a housing officer for Chichester University.


Lieutenant Commander Charlie Ball is a member of the Information Operations Branch of the Royal Naval Reserve and serves with HMS King Alfred.

Commander Ball has been with the Royal Naval Reserve for 2 years and in his full time career he is head of the Coastal Operations for the whole of the UK based in Southampton.


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