HMS King Alfred Training Weekend Part.2


Lieutenant Sharon Brown who lives in Winchester has been in the Royal Naval Reserve for 4 years after serving for 24 years in the Regular Royal Navy.  Sharon runs her own business and is HM King Alfred’s First Lieutenant she said, “I wanted to stay within the Maritime community and keep a foot in the camp, I had a career that I loved for 24 years with the Navy and joining the Reserves just allows me the diversity between my day job and my role with the Royal Naval Reserve.


Able Seaman Stuart Harland lives in Havant and works as a computer programmer for LIVELINK Technology in Havant. Stuart has been in the Reserves for 7 years and said, “It is entirely different from my day job.”


With a scenario to recover a black box from an air crash – the Reservists were tasked with building a raft and recovering the box. But with a surprise attack coming from a few rouge Vikings, and enemy gun fire, the task was not quite so simple.

Petty Officer Matthew Blundy who was running the exercise ordered “We want the enemy dry and captured”.

The team definitely captured the enemy, recovered the Black Box, but the exercise lived up to its name – ‘Drowning’.


Able Seaman Will Pook who is an IT teacher was taking part in the weekend training at Jersey Camp. Will has just returned from a deployment in Dubai with the Royal Navy working on Maritime Trade Operations in the Gulf.


David Grist is a Nursing Officer working in the Medical Branch of the RNR and his full time job is working for the MOD at the institute of Naval Medicine in Gosport specialising on Survival and Thermal Medicine.

His wife Elaine is a trained theatre nurse and is currently doing full time Reserve Service assisting with recruitment in the Royal Naval Reserve medial branch.


Journalist Frances Birkett who lives in Andover and works at the Andover Times also takes on the role as media officer for her Royal Naval Reserve Unit, Frances who has been in the Reserves for over three years works within Maritime Trade Operations and last year was awarded as HMS King Alfred Reservist of the year.

Frances, as well as her day job and being the unit press officer also runs the unit bar. She said, “I enjoy all the aspects of being a Reservist especially the diversity and the challenge”.


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