Berkshire Army Cadets Annual Camp 2016 Part.3


Cadet Charlie Sullivan who lives in Embrook, Wokingham, is a member of Arborfield Cadets 11 Platoon. Charlie, who goes to Embrook School, has been in the Cadets for 10 months. He said, “The Archery has been fun but I have enjoyed the Skill at Arms and the Drill – that is my favourite.”


Staff Sergeant Instructor Rob James, from Twyford works as an operations manager and has been an instructor for 5 years.  Rob who was a Cadet himself, had a break for about 7 years and then decided to rejoin as an instructor.  He said, “I enjoy seeing the Cadets learn and mature.”  Rob is qualified to teach on the mobile climbing wall and is also a skill at arms instructor.


Map Reading and navigations skills are a vital part of the Army Cadet Force Training syllabus.

Left to right: Cadet Sergeant Bethanee Spring from Binfield who goes to Reading College; Wesley Herselman from Wokingham goes to St Crispins; Instructor Kirstyn Hanson; Jack Davies-Downes from Arborfield, and Chloe Marshall from Binfield who goes to Willink School.

Staff Sergeant Instructor Kirstyn Hanson from Newbury and Ex Cadet herself works as a store manager for Clarks Shoes in Newbury.  Kirstyn has been an instructor for 8 years with the Berkshire Army Cadet Force and said, “Giving something back to the Cadets and showing them experiences in life is all part of being an instructor in the Army Cadet Force.”


Sergeant Ishmael Ahmed from 20 Platoon in Slough goes to Herschel Grammar School and is being sponsored by the Army to go to University and then go to the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.  Sergeant Ahmed is waiting to confirm his place either at Cambridge or Warwick University.



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