Berkshire Army Cadets Annual Camp 2016 Part.2


Taking part in the Berkshire Army Cadet Force Annual Camp this year at Thetford in Norfolk.Cadets Abbie-Louise Bailey from Windsor, who goes to the Magna Carta School, Oliver Frank who lives in Reading, goes to Deanfield School in Reading and Matthew Smith from Maidenhead goes to Cox Green School. All three Cadets were being instructed on how to set up a ‘Basher’ shelter as part of their field training.

Putting up a ‘Basher’. Cadets Abbie-Louise, Oliver and Matthew will be sleeping out under the stars for two nights as part of a field training exercise  – so being able to set up their ‘Bashers’ for shelter is a key skill to learn!


Senior Cadet Sergeant Sam Dabrowski from 9 Platoon in Caversham was instructing a group of first year Cadets in Field Craft skills.  He said, “We have been teaching survival in the field skills, cooking, first aid, and the importance of choosing a good sheltered location for overnight and putting up their’ Bashers’. Sam has been in the Cadets for 5 years and will put his knowledge to good use when he applies to become an Army Officer.


One of the key Adventure Training activities at the Berkshire Army Cadet Force Camp this year held at Thetford.


Cadet Kimberley Everett from Theale in Reading is a member of 8 Platoon Army Cadet Force in Reading.  Kimberley goes to the Blessed Hugh Farringdon School and has been in the Cadets for 18 months.  Kimberley said, “This is my first full annual camp and I am really having a great time with my friends, and have enjoyed the Archery – I did really well and hit the target.”


Cadet Jaydon Bakermault from Tilehurst in Reading enjoyed the Archery and said, “I am really keen to get better and would like to do more.”  Jaydon also goes to the Blessed Hugh Farringdon School in Reading.


Cadet Finley Allison from Slough has been in the Army Cadet Force for a year and was taking part in his first every annual camp. “Everything has been great at Camp I can’t choose which bit has been the best.”



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