Shooting Stars – Congratulations

This weekend has seen 2 shooting Teams from Hants and Isle of Wight ACF competing at a National level against ACF, AAC, CCF, ATC and Canadian teams at ISCRM (Inter Services Cadet Range ‘Meeting) Bisley, the best of approx.48,000 Cadets.


A Team: CSM Bridgeman, Sgt McCulloch, Cpl Winter and Cadet Flanagan – Coach – Major Geernaert-Davies

B Team: Cpl Reynolds, Cpl Weatherhead T, Cpl Jewell and L.Cpl Killner – Coach 2Lt Ford-Hunt

Butts Parties: Cadet Weatherhead K and Cpl Ward

From Friday through to Sunday they gave their best, shooting 8 different competitions over 300yds, 500yds & 600yds ranges, in some very bad weather at points.

This is the first year that 5 members of the Hants & IoW Individual scores were within the top 100, all were presented with their NRA cadet 100 badges at the end of the final matches.

CSM Bridgeman, Sgt McCulloch, Cpl Winter, Cpl Reynolds & Cadet Flanagan.

During the main Award Ceremony the A Team received:

  • 3rd place, Babcock Trophy, 5 CCRS Bronze Medals, Long Range Aggregate Team scores achieved in the Individual 600yds, The Patriot Shield 500yds and the Frankfort Shield 500yds, one for each Firer and Coach, Major Geernaert-Davies.

Cpl Winter also achieved the following medals and cups:-

  • 1st place Cadet of the top 100, received the Lady Gwendolin Guinness Challenge Cup and NRA Gold Medal
  • 1st place from highest scores Cadet 100, received: Rifle Brigade Challenge Cup and Gold Medal.
  • 1st place, Bosom Trophy, Top ACF Cadet Grand Aggregate, received the Wilson Cup and Gold Medal
  • 2nd place, aggregate of Individual, Patriot, Frankfort and Watts Bowl, NRA Silver Medal
  • Athelings tie
  • Inter Cadet Force Final, Gold Medal and Challenge Cup, part of the team of 8 representing ACF
  • Inter Cadet Force Final, Gold Medal and Earl of Derby Cup,  part of the team of 8 representing ACF


Well done everyone, you have worked hard to get to where you are.

A MASSIVE thank you must go to our 2 Butts parties, without their commitment to support us we could not have entered these competitions, again Thank You.

The story doesn’t end here, Cadet Flanagan is off on the CLIM course in Canada for 6 weeks advancing his shooting and coaching skills. CSM Bridgeman and Cpl Reynolds along with Sgt McCulloch and Cpl Winter are on the cadet Imperial later this week, with Cpl Winter joining the Athelings team in Canada in a couple of weeks time.

All have been successfully nominated to attend these courses from the hard work they have put in to represent themselves and be ambassadors for Hants and IoW ACF.


Congratulations all, well done and good luck.



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