Donnington Bridge Cadets show off their skills

Sea Cadets and Army Cadets from Donnington Bridge in Oxford were keen to show the local community that they know how to spend their time during the summer hols.

Organised by Quebec Company of the Oxfordshire Army Cadet Force the evening consisted of both Sea Cadets and Army Cadets putting on displays and showing off their expertise in weapon handling, First Aid and survival in the field which included navigation and cooking.

The event was organised and planned by the Cadets themselves, which also demonstrated that the youngsters can organise and put on a great show!


Sea Cadets Chloe Harvey and Megan Boorman from Kidlington in Oxford – both girls go to Gosford Hill School. Chloe has only been in the Sea Cadets for a year and her friend Megan for two. Chloe has just qualified for the Southern Area Rowing competition. She said, “This weekend we are taking part in the Paddle Sports event which is over a 2K course – if we win we will go on to the nationals.” Megan said, “Being a Cadet offers so many different experiences that we wouldn’t get elsewhere.”


Demonstrating the Field Craft were Army Cadets from Oxfordshire Army Cadet Force based at Donnington Bridge.

L-R Cadet Travis Arnold from Cowley, Lance Corporal Tony Karaphannit from Headington, Lance Corporal Laoti Limbu (stood up) from Rose Hill, and Lance Corporal Aleaha Stuart also from Headington.


Testing out the field rations and learning to cook in the field. Travis Arnold who has been in the Cadets for a year and goes to North Field School in Oxford, and Lance Corporal Jacob Legg from Headington who goes to Cheney School.


Oscars for Cadets who are very good actors too!

Acting and simulating injuries and casualties can be very realistic, and help to bring reality to learning vital First Aid skills. Lewis Sherman 13 who had a broken arm, Callum Francis who had bad burns to his face, and Nick Watson who had glass embedded into his arm. Nick and Callum are new recruits to the Cadets and Callum who has only been in for 4 weeks said, “I have only just joined and it is great I love it.”


First Aid is a vital skill to learn, and the Army Cadet Force is committed to instructing Cadets in saving lives and treating serious injuries. Lance Corporal Laoti Limbu demonstrates how to give first aid to Nick Watson who has glass embedded into his arm.


The Lord Mayor of Oxford Councillor Mohammed Altaf-Khan visited the Cadets at Donnington Bridge during their open evening.

Showing the Mayor around the Stands were, Corporal Megan Norwood from Abingdon who has been in the cadets for 4 years. Megan is waiting on her exam results and hopes to go to Oxford Brooks to study Forensic Science in September and Bugler and Musician, Sergeant Instructor, member of the Corunna Band and Bugles, Michael Hankins.


Sergeant Major, Warrant Officer Class 2 Clare Sands, who works for West Oxfordshire District Council is Captain of the Clay Pigeon Shooting Team. She showed off her team’s winning trophies during the opening evening.

The Oxford Cadet Clay Shot Gun Team have just won the 2016 Tri Cadet Services National Championships. Two teams of 4 from the Oxfordshire Army Cadet Force took part in the Championships in June which was held at the Cambridge Gun Club.

Clare who is an Adult Instructor said, “I have been Captain of the team for the last 3 years, we have competed for 8, so I am very proud of our achievement, all our training has paid off, we beat them all!”


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