Ace Shot Sam Franklin (Surrey) shoots in Canada

Corporal Sam Franklin (16) from Addlestone, Surrey joined the Army Cadets three years ago. He has had a fantastic opportunity to and train with the renowned 2nd Northern Ireland Battalion of the Army Cadet Force (ACF) in a target rifle training course before attending a target rifle completion held at Bisley, England.


He will be spending four days on a rifle range at Bunswick Camp learning how to improve his marksmanship skills with expert advice on hand, on a one to one basis.

The coaching course is a build up to a two day competition where over 620 hundred cadets compete from all over the UK.  This event is by far the biggest in the cadet calendar.

The competition is held each year for Army Cadets, Air Training Corps, the Sea Cadets and the Combined Cadet Force and is known as the Inter-Services Cadet Rifle Meeting.

The Two day competition will be held at Bisley, England.  Bisley is to shooting what Wembley is to football.  Shooters travel from all over the world to compete on the hallowed ranges.  Bisley was opened in 1888 by Queen Victoria who fired the opening shot.

Sam is the only cadet to be selected from Surrey to travel to Canada for 6 weeks. There he will join other cadets from all over the UK to take part in the Cadet Leadership and Marksmanship Course (CLIM). The course is held in Connaught near Ottawa for cadets under 16 and half years old.

While in Canada he will receive further coaching and compete in more competitions, and he will also go on adventurous activities including canoeing.

Sam said “I feel very special to be good enough to make it here and I hope with the coaching I have received will do my family and my Detachment at Addlestone proud.  I’ve made lots of new friends from across the Irish Sea, some of them will see again in Canada too.  Without the cadets I would never have had such opportunities as I have had”. Sam also said “the Canadians have different rifles to us and I am looking forward to trying theirs out too.”


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