MP Crispin Blunt visits Surrey ACF Part.2

Josh Backhouse.JPG

Lance Corporal Josh Blackstone, 16, is a student in his first year at Reigate College and has been a member of Reigate Detachment for two years.  He said “I want a career in the military – either the Paras or the Marines – and so I thought joining the ACF would give me an insight.  It’s a lot of fun and I get a lot out of it.  My favourite activities are the weekend exercises, shooting and fieldcraft.

Justin Kent.JPG

Cadet Justin Kent, 13, is a pupil at Reigate School.  Justin is from Florida in the United States and joined the ACF a year ago.  Sadly he is due to leave the UK shortly with his family but hopes to rejoin the detachment when they come back next year.  He said “I want to be a Navy Seal and in the US we don’t have anything like the Army Cadets.  I’ve really enjoyed the fieldcraft and the weekend training and I think it’s given me an idea of what it might be like if I did become a Navy Seal one day”.


Cadet Charlie Hill, 15, is a pupil at Eagle House School in Sutton.  Charlie has been a member of Banstead Detachment ACF since January this year.  He said “I want to join the Army when I leave school; my Great Grandad was with the Middlesex Regiment on Gold Beach.”  He added “I really enjoy the Weekend exercises – staying out in the in the field – although I’m not so keen on doing night sentry though!  I’ve made lots of new friends and I’m looking forward to going on camp.

Vlad Jaruss

Cadet Vlad Jaruss, 13, has been a cadet with Redhill Detachment ACF for eight months and is a pupil at Warwick School.  He said “I was going through town and I saw a poster advertising the ACF.  I then went online and I liked the look of the opportunities and of being in uniform.”  He added “Now I’m here I especially enjoy drill and shooting and the fitness.  With shooting it’s really difficult getting all the shots close together. “

Ella Brown

Cadet Ella Brown, 13, is a pupil at Royal Alexandra and Albert School in Reigate where she is a boarder and also member of the ACF Detachment at the school.  She said “About nine months ago I was the cadets on parade at Remembrance and I thought “Yes, that’s me” and as I was bored at the weekends I thought I’d give it a go”.  Ella enjoys First Aid and the Field Training Weekends.  She said, “It’s great to be in a scenario and the casualty evacuations and first aid are fun”.


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