ATC Windsor 75th Anniversary Parade

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Flight Lieutenant Jane Wicks is a mum, grandmother and works full time “but I still find time to enjoy my time with the Air Training Corps”

Flight Lieutenant Jane Wicks, from Didcot, is an Volunteer Adult Cadet Instructor. Jane joined when her son became a Cadet.  Now 14 years later Jane is now a Grandmother with two grandchildren.  She works for in the printing industry and works for a Company called Digipress in Didcot. “I am proud to be part of the Air Training Corps., and I view it as a real pleasure to be involved.”


Flight Lieutenant Chris Tocher is a sector Commander and is responsible for 7 Squadrons of Cadets within the Thames Valley area

Flight Lieutenant Chris Tocher lives in Newbury and works in the Telecoms Industry.
Chris an ex Air Cadet joined as an Adult Instructor 13 ago. He said “Being an Adult Instructor with the Cadets has really helped with my career, it helped to get me into Uni and get me my job.”


Pilot Officer Luke Baker who lives in Earley in Reading. “As an Ex Cadet myself I always try to encourage the older cadets to become an adult instructor when they reach 20, which is what I did and I find it really rewarding.”

Pilot Officer Luke Baker, works at Granbury College pupil referral unit working with children who are excluded from school and main stream education.

Luke was a cadet in Bracknell and now as an Adult Instructor parades at 153 Slough Squadron.  He said, “I would recommend anyone to come along to see us and find out more about being an Adult Instructor.”

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