254 Medical Regt – Exercise Executive Medical Stretch – Crowborough

07778 334771

Carly Bray – Primary Care Liaison Officer, Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery 

“It was a great weekend.  Personally I have taken away a clearer understanding of what type of leader I could be in the future and also identified some areas where I would need to improve to become a leader and the best thing was that it was done in a way that was fun but also challenging mentally and physically.  Thank you to everyone that was involved in organising it and running it on the day, I think it was a great success and have been passing on the message to those that unfortunately couldn’t make it this year to try and get them to come along next year.”

07778 334771

Claire Casarotto – IDT Operational Lead, East Kent Hospital University Foundation Trust 

Claire found taking part in the weekend hugely beneficial.  She said “The tasks highlighted my own behaviours, when working a team – what frustrated me, what I felt was helpful and how this enabled me to adapt my approach as the command tasks continued. This will be incredibly useful back here at work, as having the opportunity to apply any leadership skills in an unfamiliar environment really helps to clarify preferential behaviours.”   She added “The planning exercise for me was an excellent opportunity to utilise analytical skills, logic and the negotiation under time pressure. I really enjoyed the morning and have thought about that and how a similar task could be used as a learning opportunity in our own teams back here at work.  “Claire is afraid of heights and found the obstacle course a huge personal challenge but revelled in her achievement.  The greatest surprise to her was in the shooting competition. She said “Winning the Best Shot trophy was completely unexpected – I’ve never held a gun in my life, so to score 80/100 points was a bit of a shock for everyone I think!”

07778 334771

Neil Delbridge – Clinical Nurse Specialist, Kent Community 

Neil found the weekend very worthwhile.   He said “I have a newfound respect for the military personnel, the roles they undertake, the fitness required to perform their duties, the way they plan, organise, serve, sacrifice and conduct themselves.”  He added “I found all the elements very useful in my development as a leader. The command tasks were practically helpful and the round robin element made me reflect on the way I currently lead a team.  Conversations with various officers were a very helpful resource in identifying how the Army prepares its leaders to be leaders, in contrast to the NHS, where clinicians are promoted to lead, often without any training to prepare them.”

For more information please go to http://www.serfca.org/Reserves/Army-Reserve/Army-Medical-Services/220-Medical-Squadron



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