Oxfordshire (The Rifles) Battalion Army Cadet Force Open Evening and Sounding of Retreat (Part.2)

Oxon ACF_047.jpg

Second Lieutenant Billy Canon (21) has been the Kidlington Detachment Commander for the last 9 months where he is responsible for 16 cadets. Billy says “It is rewarding to see cadets mature into young adults and to hear reports of how they have been able to put the skills they have acquired into practice.” Billy, who works for the NHS, enrolled as a Probationary Instructor and completed his Cadet Forces Instructional Technique in about 8 months. He says “Anyone interested in finding out more should talk to their local ACF detachment.”

Oxon ACF_053.jpg

Lance Corporal Chloe Cookson (18) hopes to keep her connections with the ACF as an instructor when she becomes too old to be a cadet. Putting her life saving first aid skills into practice have resulted in Chloe receiving a St John Ambulance Certificate of Commendation, and a British Red Cross Humanitarian Citizen Award.

Oxon ACF_018.jpg

Cadet Instructor Ian Rae (24) has played the bugle since the age of 12 when he joined The Corunna Band and Bugles as a cadet. Now working for Oxford Bus Company, he is keen to share what he learnt with the current generation of cadets. Ian said “Learning to play the bugle takes time, you can’t pick it up overnight. Anyone can blow but make a tune is painful on the lips. The ACF as a whole is a great opportunity for young to people to develop their abilities and to get a good foundation in life skills.”

Oxon ACF_054.jpg

Tim Stevenson, Lord-Lieutenant of Oxfordshire presented Oxford ACF Instructors with their long service medals. He said “Instructors make a very special contribution to the ACF. They teach cadets that to do your best and to deliver you have to be prepared to really grapple with the task in hand.”

Oxon ACF_012.jpg

The Corunna Band and Bugles, Oxfordshire (The Rifles) Battalion ACF Sounded Retreat at the Annual Open Evening and Reception hosted by Oxfordshire (The Rifles) Battalion ACF on Saturday 14 May.

The Corunna Band and Bugles play at a number of prestigious events during the year including Oxford Remembrance Day Parade, Sandhurst Heritage Day, Henley Horse Show and mess functions. Kaz Raffael, Director of Music said “We currently have 11 playing cadet members and are always looking to recruit more. We are keen to welcome instructors who can support and help the cadets to develop their musicianship.”



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