3PWRR Folkstone Training Weekend (Part.3)


Private Oliver Stockle, 37, is a member of HQ Company in Canterbury and passed out in April 2015.  Oliver is a student nurse in this third year, based in East Kent, who regularly endures 12 and a half hour shifts in A&E.   He joined 3PWRR because he wanted to serve his country and he sought a different challenge. He said “This weekend has been great training for me.  We’ve done a lot and honed our skills as we are in training for the International Military Patrol Competition in Lombardy, Italy later this week. The competition will take place over two days and is based around an enemy threat that has invaded a state.  We have 18 hours in which o investigate, suppress and overpower it.  Participation in this competition is our reward for doing so well and getting a podium finish in last year’s Cambrian Patrols Competition!”


Corporal Joseph Hewes, 26, lives in Haywards Heath and works for South East Water as a water regulations inspector.  He’s been a member of B Company 3 PWRR, based in Dyke Road, for seven years, having joined in 2009.  Joseph has deployed twice to Afghanistan on Operation HERRICK 15 and Operation TORAL and in 2014 was awarded Best Sussex Reservist for his enthusiastic approach to training new recruits from attestation to completion of their Combat Infantryman’s Course.  He said “I joined the Army Reserve for the opportunity to go on tour and that’s my motivation even now, after having completed two tours.  For me, it’s the chance to do the job that we’ve been trained to do”.


Lance Corporal Miguel Edwards, 29, is a project manager and has served with B Company, 3rd Battalion Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment for seven years.  He said “I love being part of this.  The Army Reserve tests you in the harshest of conditions and it gives you a sense of purpose.  I deployed to Afghanistan on Operation HERRICK 15 and that experience has definitely changed me as a person.  I have much more self-confidence and I know that I was part of history being made, not just reading about it.“  He added “This weekend’s training was good for me.  I stepped up and was a Troop Commander and ran the fire support group.  It tested me as I had to think about and consider the ground, the enemy, the threat and it’s made me think that I should go for promotion as I enjoyed having that role”.


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