3PWRR Folkstone Training Weekend (Part.2)


Recruit Himal Gaha, 21 works in a fast food restaurant.  From a proud Gurkha family, Himal’s father and grandfather both served in the Royal Regiment of Gurkhas, he has always been interested in the military.  He said “I’ve come along to HQ Company in Canterbury with some friends and I’m now four weeks into the recruitment process but at the very start of my journey.  I’ve got my interview on Wednesday this week and then I need to focus on my fitness.”  He added “It’s been an awesome experience so far. I’m meeting and making some good friends and brothers”.


Private Liam-Grogan Edwards, 26, has been a member of the Army Reserve for two years.  Serving with 3PWRR’s A Company, based in Farnham, he works in landscaping.  He said “I joined the Army Reserve for the army life and the experience.  I enjoy being out on exercise and being part of a team”.  He added “This has been a good training weekend – focussing on section and platoon attacks.  But getting up at 3am to “stag on” was quite a challenge, but all part of it”.


Private Dan May, 25, has been an Army Reservist for three years and serves with HQ Company, 3 PWRR, based in Canterbury.  Dan, a car mechanic by trade, has seen operational service in Afghanistan on Operation TORAL where he was part of the force protection and in Cyprus on UN Mission Operation TOSCA.   He said “I joined the Army Reserve because I thought it would give me a good insight into the Army as I hope to join the Regulars.  I really enjoy being with the lads and the camaraderie that we all have”.


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