3PWRR Folkstone Training Weekend (Part.1)


ARMY RESERVISTS from 3rd Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment and new recruits hoping to join them once they’ve passed selection and attestation, headed off to the training area in Folkestone for a weekend of training.    With the close down of recent overseas operations, the British Army is reroleing itself back into a conventional fighting force that can quickly adapt to a multitude of situations and conflicts.  To this end, 3PWRR has geared its current training year toward focusing on the mechanics of the low and mid-level conventional environment.  For some of the recruits it was their first weekend in the field which saw them building bashers, creating safe harbours and generally immersing themselves in the reservist experience helping to prepare them for Selection and Phase 1 Training.

For those more experienced infantryman, section and platoon level practise missions were created with an “intelligent” enemy able to dynamically respond to threats presented to it. By creating inventive and original training scenarios, the Battalion looks to test and improve its new generation of leaders as it propels the lead elements of the reserve forces into an uncertain international future.


Luke Watts, 23, is a hard landscaper and has decided that he would like to join the Army Reserve.  Luke has passed Selection and is hoping to be attested on Wednesday this week.  He said “I thought I’d go along to C Company in Rochester as it’s my local unit and I’ve always been interested in the infantry.  I think the Army Reserve will be exciting and I will learn new skills and qualifications.  The training has been very good – we’ve been setting up harbours and bashers.  So far, it’s been exactly what I expected it would be – I’m really enjoying it”.


Dave Arwas, 24, is a graduate project manager working for BAE Systems in Frimley.  Dave is hoping to join A Company, based in Farnham.  He said “I’ve been coming along to training now for 11 weeks and this is my second weekend away.  I wanted to join the Regular Army when I was younger but my career has taken over now and I see that being a member of the Army Reserve will allow me to get the best of both worlds, fulfilling my career aspirations whilst juggling a military career.”  He added “I’m enjoying it all very much.  The Battalion are working hard to get us through Selection and Phase 1 Training and are giving us a lot of support and preparation.”


Megan Arpin, 21, works in a nursery and is hoping to join HQ Company, based in Canterbury.  Megan has had a lot of support and encouragement from her father who served in the Regular Army in New Zealand.  She said “I’ve done a lot of different jobs, in retail, in care homes and now in a nursery and I want to experience something completely out of the ordinary.  My Dad keeps telling me to be the best I can be and I think that doing this will help me to achieve that.”  She added “It’s been tough though, I won’t deny it.   I knew it was going to be hard.   I definitely need to work on my upper body strength.  But it’s been brilliant. You meet people from all walks of life and this weekend has been all about team work and learning to respect each other.”  Megan has completed her 1.5 mile run and will now needs to pass her interview, medical and then selection in order to become attested.



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