Rowing practice for Westerham Sea Cadets


Sub Lieutenant (SCC) Jan Dean RNR, Commanding Officer of Westerham Sea Cadet Corps and members of her team of volunteer cadet instructors laid on an additional night of training at Chipstead Lake on Monday night so some of their 35 cadets could put in some rowing practice.  Westerham Sea Cadets will be participating in the District Rowing Competition on the 4th June along with eight other units.  Jan said “We’re putting in 5 teams and so we’ve come along this evening to practice our rowing skills.  Our T500 Rowing Boat was recently purchased with a very kind donation of £1,000 from the Idefatigable Old Boys’ Association and funds raised by our cadets”.  As you can see, the cadets are very much enjoying putting the boat to the test on the water.”


Cadet James McLean

Cadet James McLean, 13, is a pupil at Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys and has been a cadet with Westerham Sea Cadets for six months.  He said “Some of my friends had joined the unit and as I’d always enjoyed boating I thought I’d give it a go.  I’m really enjoying it.  The atmosphere at the unit is very friendly and there are lots of different courses to do like shooting, boating.  I’ve tried rowing and I prefer the slide seat rowing to fixed seat.”


Cadet Harriet Hockey

Cadet Harriet Hockey, 13 is a pupil at Trinity School in Sevenoaks and has been a member of Westerham Sea Cadets for almost a year.  She said “I joined with my friend and it’s really fun.  I like the difference between the serious side and having fun on the water.  There are so many different courses and opportunities to learn new things.  I’ve been on a piping course, a sailing course and next weekend I’m going to Dartford to learn about paddlesports.”


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