Oxfordshire (The Rifles) Battalion ACF compete in Archery Tournament

Last weekend members of the Oxfordshire (The Rifles) Battalion ACF competed in the Oxford University indoor archery tournament. This was the last tournament of the indoor season. All members of the battalion shot well.

Cpl M Norwood was first in the Junior Ladies Barebow with another solid 301/600. Corporal R Whiting was first in the Junior Gents Compound, miles ahead of the next archer, with a score of 515/600. Adult Under Officer Mundy was second in the Novice Ladies Recurve and shot a new personal best. Sergeant K Herbert was third in the Novice Gents Recurve, in his first competition, with a score of 429/600. Colour Sergeant J Royal was second in the gents compound with 551/600. The cadets like the OUIT because you get chocolate instead of trophies!


The 2015/2016 indoor season has now ended, members of the battalion have competed in 5 major tournaments: Oxfordshire County indoor tournament, Harlequins indoor tournament, Oxford University indoor tournament, National Junior indoor tournament and the National indoor tournament. They have competed in many categories including longbow, barebow, recurve and compound. They have retained 2 county titles – Junior Ladies Barebow and Junior Gents Compound.

The medal totals for the battalion this season are:

12 gold

3 silver

2 bronze

The battalion are now going into the outdoor season and are very excited about how things are shaping up. They have 6 archers already entered into Harlequins Dianna tournament and are likely to walk away with a couple of outdoor junior county titles. 

Find out more about Oxfordshire ACF here: https://armycadets.com/county/oxfordshire-acf/




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