Surrey ACF – Adult Volunteers Pt.2


Second Lieutenant Robin Hugill

Second Lieutenant Robin Hugill, 23, is a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer and commands Felbridge Detachment ACF, near East Grinstead. Robin, works in the airline industry and has 12 years of combined service in the ACF, as a cadet and now as an instructor. He said “My friends dragged me along to cadets when I was a teenager and I really enjoyed it. I got a lot out of it and wanted to give something back. After I’d left I paid a visit to my old detachment to see how everyone was and here I am now as a member of staff! Seeing the cadets grow from start to finish and then watching them develop into respected senior cadets, especially the very shy ones, is extremely rewarding.” Robin is convinced that the skills he’s gained from his cadet career have contributed to him getting his job. He added “My ACF Career has always had a positive impact during interviews and confidence, leadership, self-discipline and self-awareness as well as learning how to manage people and how to work under pressure are all skills that I’ve picked up and honed along the way.”


PI Michaela Riddell

PI (Potential Instructor) Michaela Riddell, 23, lives in Redhill and works in recruitment for Surrey Police Force. Her interest in the ACF was sparked eighteen months ago when Michaela was a teaching assistant, working with special needs children. Her friend who is a volunteer at the Horley Detachment suggested she go along and she found she really enjoyed the discipline side of things. Being a part of the ACF contributed to her career move. She said “The ACF shapes the instructors as well as the cadets. I’m learning with the cadets and I’m changing too. My partner has noticed that my self-discipline has improved and I’m more proactive. I also find that I am pushing myself more at work. It makes you want to be a better person and to inspire the cadets. To be a volunteer you have to invest in yourself and the organisation and want to go the extra mile.” Michaela ultimately wants to instruct in first aid. She has completed her Familiarisation and Assessment Weekend, Basic Induction Course and Intermediate Induction Course and hopes to complete her Advanced Induction Course after which she can specialise in first aid, shooting and coaching courses.

Find out how you can become an Adult Volunteer here:

Find out about Surrey ACF here:


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