Army Reserve Open Day

Open Day held at Blighmont Barracks, Southampton

To all those fit 18 – 43 year olds from Southampton who spent Sunday 13 October in the pouring rain, wondering what to do, well you missed a trick.

You all missed a fantastic open day with the Army Reserve, at Blighmont Barracks, Millbrook Road.

It could not have rained harder but chatting to members of 457 Battery Royal Artillery, with their new Stormer Missile launcher on display, 266 Port Regiment with their amphibious equipment, the Army Medical Services, the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and the Military Police, the rain had made their day because “It’s not training if it’s not raining!” so they told us!

Obstacle course set up and ready

Obstacle course set up and ready

The hot news is that the Territorial Army will become the Army Reserve in the new year, so Southampton and Portsmouth Reserve Units stepped up their recruiting machine and came together to kick off the Autumn to  put on one of the South’s largest recruiting events seen in Southampton for some time. The Army is actively recruiting both Regulars and Reservists.

Speaking to Lance Bombardier Jodie from Thorney Island she told us, “It’s about working as a team, the Army and the Army Reserve together, it makes sense.”

A busy entrance to Blighmont

A busy entrance to Blighmont

Supporting the Regular Army with a Reserve force is nothing new, Since 2003 their have been more than 25,000 Reservists mobilisations, fighting alongside their Regular counterparts, so to find out if you like ‘training when it is raining’ – visit


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