A very successful boating year

Sheppey Sea Cadets reflect on year!

Petty Officer Cadet Cali Jeferies, Leading Cadet Daniel Snook and Able Cadet Laura Snook from Sheppey Sea Cadets recently competed in the Sea Cadet National Combined Regatta with outstanding results.

POC Jeffries qualified in first place for single female Yole Rowing at the Southern Area Regatta in July and went forward to the National competition. She competed in three races against cadets from other areas covering the whole of the United Kingdom and won all three resulting in her being announced as National Champion, the best single female rower in the country.

Petty Officer Cadet Cali Jeferies, Leading Cadet Daniel Snook and Able Cadet Laura Snook

Petty Officer Cadet Cali Jeferies, Leading Cadet Daniel Snook and Able Cadet Laura Snook

Brother and sister team, Daniel and Laura Snook have combined their individual sailing abilities to create a force to be reckoned with.  They competed in the Southern Area Regatta, taking first place in both Bosun Class sailing and also the Sail Boat Handling competition. The Boat Handling competition required them to demonstrate exceptionally high levels of technical ability in comparison to the racing skills in the Bosun Class.

Daniel and Laura qualified for the National Sailing Regatta in Stockport and took part in four races against some strong competition. They were announced as overall winners of the Bosun Class after achieving a Bronze and three Gold medals for their race results.

In addition to Daniel and Laura, a further four cadets from Sheppey Unit attended the National Sailing Regatta, meaning Sheppey Unit made up half of the Southern Area Team which is a huge achievement. AC Louis Reeves and Cdt Lee Bishop formed the second Bosun crew and worked hard during the four races managing to gain a Bronze medal in one race and coming 6th overall from a total of 14 competitors.  AC Georgia Allan took part in the singlehanded Pico class and OC Jamie Brown took part in the under 15’s Topper class, both put in a huge amount of effort with results to be proud of.

Two weeks later, Leading Cadet Daniel Snook and Able Cadet Laura Snook were sixth on the programme at the National Sail Boat Handling Competition in London. Challenges in the Boat Handling routine include rigging, paddling, sailing a triangular course, man overboard procedure, reefing afloat, returning alongside and stowage of equipment.  Taking approximately 45 minutes, they have to maintain a high level of communication and technical ability. Their skill level and amazing teamwork led them to be awarded 120.5 marks out of a possible 132, placing them yet again in 1st place.

For more information on Cadets please visit http://www.serfca.org/en-gb/cadets.aspx



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