Become a Reservist in the largest regiment in the Infantry

7th Battalion the RIFLES

7 RIFLES is one of the two Territorial Army battalions of The RIFLES and has company locations in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and London. 7 RIFLES has a proud record of achievements that include recent operational tours to Afghanistan in support of the regular Rifles battalions.

The RIFLES has vacancies for Reservist Riflemen as part of the Territorial Army and can offer a range of opportunities depending on where you live and which of our sub units you join. If you are up for it we can offer you a unique challenge and team spirit difficult to find elsewhere.

A Rifleman on Operations

A Rifleman on Operations

Retired from the Army and looking to keep your hand in as a reservist?

Do you need a change from your normal working life which offers adventure and the opportunity to serve as an equal on operations alongside your regular comrades?

Why not consider a career as a Reservist Rifleman?

See the 7 RIFLES recruiting video

Roles of the Battalion

Territorial Army soldiers are paid for the training they attend, which, for 7 RIFLES is every Tuesday evening and two weekends per month with an annual two-week camp that could be overseas.

Roles within the battalion are not restricted to Infantry as we also have

  • Military chefs
  • Combat medics
  • Human resource specialists
  • Vehicle mechanics,
  • Armourers and
  • Bandsmen/women.

All of the support roles including the band are open to females. Training also includes access to sport and adventurous training.

Whats on offer

The RIFLES will offer a place to any man willing to soldier as part of a team and who can meet the standards we set. We ask quite a lot of our Riflemen but that’s because we set our sights high!

We offer

  • Challenging military and adventurous training
  • Teamwork, comradeship and the chance to improve yourself
  • Army rates of pay for each period of training you attend
  • An annual tax free bounty of up to £1,500 if you maintain your skills and attendance to the required levels
  • The opportunity to deploy with Army Formations on operations overseas, if you reach the required standards

What we ask of you – We ask you to attend for training and duties

  • One night per week at your chosen RIFLES location
  • One weekend per month training (and more if you want it); and
  • A two week training camp or specialist career/trade course each year.

We expect you to

  • Get fit and stay fit so that you can pass the Infantry Combat Fitness Test each year
  • Become proficient and capable of passing an annual marksmanship test with the Rifle

Once you are trained to the standard required you may be mobilised to join operations as an Infantry soldier for a period.

The Territorial Army will very shortly be known as the Army Reserves

To get in touch with 7 Rifles visit

To visit 7 Rifles FB page visit!/pages/7-Rifles/1414444632110393?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser




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