Reservists raise money for MacMillan Cancer

MacMillan Longest Day Golf Challenge

MacMillan Cancer support run several events around the country to raise funds for their charity. One of these events is a 72 hole golf challenge taking place on the longest day of the year. Their charity is very important to myself as my mum, Barbara Hollis, had been suffering from cancer for 20 years and sadly lost her fight against this disease two weeks before the event happened so never got to see how we got on.

Six golfers, all with varying handicaps but all with one goal, to raise as much money for MacMillan Cancer Support. We split into two groups to tackle the challenge.

Group 1:

Chris Hollis- 266 Port Sqn RLC

Ian Hollis- Civilian

Neil Munro- 266 Port Sqn RLC

Group 2:

Stuart Downing- 17 Port & Maritime

Andrew Lindsey- 17 Port & Maritime

Dave Goacher- 17 Port & Maritime

Group 1 all set to Tee off

Group 1 all set to Tee off

We tee’d off at 0500hrs after sharing a bottle of champagne and toasting my mother and wishing each other the best of luck for the day. Our first round was completed at 0800hrs, still feeling fresh we stepped back up to the first tee for our second round. This was completed at approx 1115hrs and still the sun was shining and the standard of golf getting better. After a quick lunch and alcohol refreshment kindly sorted out by Becky who works at the golf club we all got showered and refreshed for the afternoon.

The afternoon rounds started at 1200hrs, we were joined on this round by my Dad and Capt Marlow for some moral support walking round with us to enjoy the scenery, take the mickey and generally see how golf should be played. This round finished at 1530hrs, after the offer of another pint to get us through the final round (which we declined!)  We were then stood back on the 1st ready for the final round of the day. We finally finished the fourth and final round of the day at 1830hrs. After putting out on the 18th green, a quick look to the skies to give my mom a kiss and we were finished.

We were met at the clubhouse by family and friends where we all discussed the day’s events and had a couple of well deserved drinks.  After a quick interview for BBC Radio Solent, courtesy of Tristan Pascoe, we finally packed our clubs away for the day and headed home.

A remarkeable event and a truely great sum was raised. If you are interested in supporting or making a donation to Macmillan please use the following link


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