Cadets All At Sea

Gosport Sea Cadets

The Commanding Officer of Gosport Sea Cadets, CPO Tony Salmon, Civilian Instructor Renee Smith and 7 Cadets from TS Hornet tested their sea legs on Thursday after a trip to sea in HMS Blazer was co-ordinated by Mike Highwood, Secretary of the Solent Branch of the Royal Institute of Navigation and by kind permission of the ship’s captain, Lt Amie Jackson, RN.

HMS Blazer

HMS Blazer

The Cadets mustered on Fieldhouse Pontoon at the Joint Services Association Sailing Centre, Haslar at 0915 to watch HMS Blazer come alongside in very difficult windy conditions. However, being Cadets, their watching soon turned into actions as willing hands caught the mooring lines heaved ashore by members of the crew. Once the ship was safely moored alongside, the Cadets mustered for photographs on the upperdeck and then adjourned to the dining area for a safety brief by the Executive Officer and the Captain.

Lt Jackson apologised for the fact that, due to the gale force conditions in the Channel, they probably wouldn’t be able to spend as much time at sea as she would have liked but that they would ‘poke the ship’s nose’ out into the Solent and see how things went. Details were given on what the Cadets should do in the event of ‘mal de mare’!

Gosport Sea Cadets

Sea Cadets onboard HMS Blazer

As it turned out, all the Cadets proved to be true sailors and, despite really lumpy seas, no-one was seasick. Lt Jackson gave them her hearty congratulations, followed by a very informative tour of the ship and some light refreshments.

All in all, everyone agreed, it had been a very enjoyable day.

The names of those who attended are:-

CPO Tony Salmon

C/I Renee Smith

OC Amie Varndell

Cdt James Williams

OC Kelsey Palmer

OC Matthew Pipe

OC Amelia Frasle

OC James Kirwal

Cdt James Potter   This is the order from left to right of the Cadets in the photographs.

For more information on the Sea Cadets please visit :


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