The Sea Cadets Climb of Kilimanjaro

Assisting the Ship Appeal

I am pleased to say we passed the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro at 5.20pm yesterday and carried on to reach the summit of Mt Everest by 9pm, a final count of ascents up our wall gave us a final tally of  1188 ascents making the final height climbed 9506m, a massive 656m above it. Our fundraising efforts this morning (Sun) stands at over £3100. You can still donate at

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to everyone who took part, whether they climbed for their first time or were among the dedicated climbers, every climb helped us reach our goal. A special mention of thanks to members of the ‘Aloft’ climbing club who put in a sterling amount of effort to ramp up the climbed metres. And to my team of dedicated staff who helped make the day go smoothly and safely.

Cadets on another ascent

Cadets on another ascent

The Sea Cadets is a fantastic charity based organisation that goes the extra mile for our members. There is a Junior section which is for children between 10 & 12 and then the Senior Section, 12-18, and then if you are like me you join as a cadet and carry on for life. We also have Royal Marine Cadets for those ages 13-18. Around the Dorset Area there are many Sea Cadet Units, details of which can be found on our Website

Why were we raising this money?

The Sea Cadets need a new sail training ship because out current one TS Royalist is over 40 years old and coming to the end of her working life. Since her launch in 1971 she has inspired over 30,000 young people by taking them on an unforgettable voyage.  A trip on Royalist is the pinnacle of the Sea Cadet experience – whether they’re hoisting a sail the or navigating coastal waters as part of a crew, nothing compares to the feeling of being out at sea, right there in the elements, its life changing and the skills and confidence young people achieve from taking part will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The Sea Cadets is a charity and we heavily subsidise out activities including sailing on Royalist so that all young people have the opportunity to get involved.

More information (Latest on the appeal)

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