Service Leavers Transition Fair

New Career, New Start

On Wednesday 30th January, I attended the 2 (South East) Brigade Ghurkha Transition Fair in Dover accompanied by RQMS Charlie Cooper the Subject Matter Expert from Surrey Army Cadet Force (ACF).

A Transition Fair is organised for service leavers to attend where they may discuss future opportunities, receive advice and ask questions with regard to areas such as Employment, Education and Welfare, Housing and Health Services from the relevant organisations and agencies’ stands.

Meeting with many of the attendees, Charlie and I got the opportunity to introduce and give advice about the Army Cadet Force (ACF), including its benefits and rewards. Information was also available on how to join as a Cadet or an Adult Instructor.

RQMS Charlie Cooper briefing service leavers

RQMS Charlie Cooper briefing service leavers

Amongst the many Agencies and Organisations that can assist the service leavers is the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) which provides Ex – Armed Forces personnel with resettlement opportunities. CTP is a partnering agreement between the MoD and Right Management Ltd who are global Career Development and Outplacement Specialists. CTP provides CV Creation, Interview Skills, assistance with Research and Job Applications and Housing Briefs to that include Council Tax, Buying/Renting Housing and Council Housing.

All personnel leaving the Armed Forces, regardless of length of service, are automatically classed as Veterans. There are many Veteran Agencies that offer support:

I’m pleased to say the event was a successful one with over 130 service leavers in attendance gaining further understanding of the way ahead and assisting their plans for the future.


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